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    How To Cope With COVID-19

    This post is sponsored by adidas, but all the opinions are my own.  At this point, the majority of us have been quarantined at home for about 2 months. How are you doing?  Today, I want to share with you some mental health tips about quarantine at home. I will share with you six tips and one activity to help you get the best out of this time of your life! You can also watch this short video below for the simplest at home workout routines to help you stay safe and healthy! By the way, I just love this crop top, sports bra and leggings from adidas.  Tip 1: Drop…

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    Celebrating Women’s Equality Day

    Today celebrates the anniversary of the day the United States adopted the 19th Amendment in 1920, the amendment that allowed Women to vote in elections. While women have come a long, long way since then, it’s important to know our fight towards equality is not over.  Celebrating today is especially important to me because when I was a little girl growing up in rural China, girls were not valued the way boys were valued. I remember one time when my mother had gotten us a little bit of food since we often went without it, she gave more to my brother because he was seen as the more important one…

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    A Day In The Life of A Blogger

    What does a 3rdyear nursing student, newlywed and a fulltime blogger have in common? The simple answer: a zest for life and passion to keep learning.  This post is written by Stephanie Probert, Grace’s assistant. Being a fulltime blogger, one question that Grace receives most often is: What exactly is a blogger anyway and what do you do?  As Grace’s assistants, Lois and I thought it would be interesting to share our view on the day to day reality of blogging and the social media influencer world. Both Lois and I are at two very different points in our lives; her a full-time nursing student, lover of coffee and queen…

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    Home is The Key ||The Key to Happiness

    This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own! Home used to be a bitter and sweet word that, often brought tears to me. When I was young, I hardly had a home. Before I was 11 years old, we had a one bedroom house you may call a shed with a straw roof, mud wall and dirt floor in China. There was no running water, barely working electricity and no toilet. Winter was very tough, I often woke up in the middle of the night freezing and hungry. Then we lost this home, moved to a new city. Over the next ten years, we had moved more…

  • Celebrating 12 Years of Living in America
    Living in America

    Celebrating 12 Years of Living in America

    Today is a special day for me. 12 years ago, after 30 plus hours traveling from China, I landed in Detroit, Michigan. From that moment, my life has totally changed, from barely speaking English to becoming an author and a public speaker, from single, to wife, to step-mother, to grandma, widow, and single again. From jobless to full-time teacher later quitting to become a full-time influencer with only hopes from of making $500 per month to making that even better reality. I started out as letting life just happen, then I found a purpose, and then my life started working for me. When I look back, my life seems like…

  • Giving Away My Birthday To Someone Else || Fundraiser For Susan G. Komen 3-Day® Walk
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    Giving Away My Birthday To Someone Else || Fundraiser For Susan G. Komen 3-Day® Walk

    Today I turn 45 years old. Looking back to the first half of my life, I have to say, I am a lucky person. Despite all the hardships that I had gone through, I ended up today still alive, healthy, and doing what I love. I still have the ability to love and be loved. What else could I need? Two summers ago, I was called back to get my second mammogram because the doctor was concerned about the result of my first one. After the second one was done, I was sent to the waiting room for the result. That half hour I spent was probably the longest 30…

  • Learning English As Second Language || The Funny Stories
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    Learning English as Second Language || The Funny Stories

    If you are new to my blog/social media, you may not know that I wasn’t born and raised in America. I came to the states when I was 33 years old. Being an ESL (English as Second Language) person, there have been so many funny moments caused by the language barrier that I still can’t stop laughing at myself about. I learnt English through real-life experiences and homemade resources that helped me revise. I used to create bingo cards to help me learn new words and phrases. It took a while but I got there in the end! If you’re somebody who’s first language happens to not be English but…

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