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    Ultherapy Helps Me Look My Best

    This post is sponsored by Ultherapy, but all opinions are my own.  Looking good has always been something that has made me feel more confident and the reason why Color and Grace started out as a fashion blog. As we get older, fashion can only take us so far, and that’s where Ultherapy comes in. Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive treatment that lifts and tightens the skin on the neck, chin and brow, and smooths lines and wrinkles on the upper chest. It is the only non-invasive treatment that goes deeper to stimulates the production of your own natural collagen non-surgically, without any downtime. About three months ago, I went…

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    Two New Beauty Gadgets I Love

    2019 is no question the year of skincare. While we once fell head over heels everytime a new eyeshadow pallet hit the scene or gossiped with all our friends about some new miracle hide-all foundation, this year it’s all about how to achieve that flawless, baby smooth, #WokeUpLikeThis, dewy make-up free skin. In addition to all the ooey-gooey goodness of clay masks, oils, creams, and soaps, we can’t forget about all of the excellent skincare tools the beauty world has to offer. While on my continuing mission to maintain and improve my skin, especially as I get older, I knew I needed to jump on board and try out a…

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    TruFru: A Must Have Costco Summer Snack

    HOLY TOLEDO!! This product is the hottest item on Costco shelves this week.  When I heard that #TruFru Frozen Blueberries were coming to Costco on July 17th, I literally wrote it in my planner AND set a reminder in my phone, I absolutely didn’t want to miss the arrival of this new product.  Fast forward to arrival day, I hurried down to my local #Costco to pick up a bag of Tru Fru Frozen Blueberries. In all my excitement, I COULDN’T FIND THEM. I seriously felt like I was on Super Market Sweep, racing up and down the aisles looking for the $1000 winning item. True story: I ran right…

  • Fabletics Kate Hudson Approved Active Wear
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    Fabletics Kate Hudson Approved Active Wear

    I am back from vacation but catching up with all my work. So this post will be super short and sweet! 😉 Are you still sticking to your fitness routine so far? 😉 If you are seeing yourself struggling with it, maybe some cute workout clothes can motivate you to try it again! Like these super cute and comfy active wear from Fabletics. Have you heard about this brand? By the way, it’s co-founded by Kate Hudson and each month she picks her favorite looks on the website for us to shop. Guess what, it is only $24 for 2 leggings if you join the VIP program. So far I…

  • Shop My Feed || Stylish and Affordable Winter Coats
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    Shop My Feed || Stylish and Affordable Winter Coats

    Hi guys, I have some very exciting news! Now you can check out the brand new launch of my personalized clothing store too! You can now exclusively shop the looks I put together with ease allowing me to directly help you transform your wardrobe! We’re in this together! Here’s how it is done: Step 1. Enter my store here or via the ‘Shop my feed’ link at my linktree on Instagram. Step 2. Browse my photo-set history and see all the available looks I have put together which you can buy immediately from the store. Every day there will be a new look posted up so make sure to come…

  • NeoStrata ||Powerful Anti Aging Skincare Products Taking Years Off My Appearance
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    NeoStrata ||Powerful Anti Aging Skincare Products Taking Years Off My Appearance

    This post is sponsored by NEOSTRATA, but all the opinions are my own. In my last post, I shared with you My New Anti-Aging Secret ||NEOSTRATA Dermatologist Developed Skincare Brand. So I have been using NEOSTRATA for a little bit over one month. It’s time to reveal the results! Drum roll, please! Lol! Before we get started, it’s important you know that my assistant is also my photographer. She took the “before” photos a few weeks ago before I started using NEOSTRATA. Last week we shot the “after” photos and were both happily surprised by the comparisons. We noticed my skin looks more youthful overall. My face looks lifted and…

  • Save More On Blood Works ||10% Off the Total Order at Health Testing Centers (Site-Wide)
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    Save More On Blood Works ||10% Off the Total Order at Health Testing Centers (Site-Wide)

    This post is sponsored by Health Testing Centers. Before I quit my full-time teaching job and becoming a full-time influencer, one of the factors that I had to really think about is my health insurance. Now as a self-employed person, every month I have to pay almost $500 for my health insurance. The worst part is I still have to pay more when I visit some doctors or get certain tests because my insurance doesn’t cover everything. For this year’s annual check up, my family doctor ordered me a few more blood works because she was concerned about somethings she noticed. Right after my doctor visit, Health Testing Centers contacted…

  • G-Star Raw Jeans || Be A Cool G-Star
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    G-Star Raw Jeans || Be a Cool G-Star

    What’s cool? It’s kind of like what’s beautiful; people have their own definitions. Cool, for me, is the confidence that someone has with his or her own life… feeling comfortable with one’s body and appearance. I don’t consider myself as a typical cool person, but I have my own cool characteristics. 😉 For example, living my life to the fullest, loving what I do, and being the best of myself. Last weekend I felt cooler because G-Star Raw invited me to an Imagine Dragons concert. I went along with a few cool local fashionistas and artist. We had so much fun chatting, laughing and singing. Cool is the freedom to live…

  • All Day Fashion||Munro Beth Open Toe Pump Mules At Zappos.com
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    All-Day Fashion || Munro Beth Open Toe Pump Mules at Zappos.com

    This post is sponsored by Zappos. One thing I noticed after I turned 40 a few years ago, was I have been wearing fewer and fewer sky-high heels compared to when I was younger. Comfort became more and more important to me. So this summer, I was looking for a pair of open toe mules with a low heel to wear with just about everything. Mules have been hot on the trendy list for a few seasons now and this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. I mean, with such a busy life and all the pressures we are facing every day, who wouldn’t love a pair of…

  • Design Custom Made Shoes from Shoes of Prey
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    Design Custom Made Shoes from Shoes of Prey

    “Be yourself, everyone else is taken” —Oscar Wilde I am pretty sure you have heard this quote many times, but do you truly believe in it? I do. I was not always 100% sure about being myself until this year. My journey through grieving and living alone has completed me and I realized the value of just being myself. You can read all my Life After Loss series here and Living with Cancer series here to see how I got to where I am today. 😉 So who am I? I am just this petite lady with a big smile on all the time. I love colors, great quality things,…

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