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    Styling Stripes With Stripes This Fall

    Bold patterns to match a bold personality? Um, yes please! That’s one of the reasons I love fashion. You get to express yourself through the unique outfits you wear. There are times when fashion can be very touchy. Wearing the wrong shoes could potentially ruin a very cute outfit, for example. But there are other ‘rules’ of fashion many feel like they need to know. Keeping up with these latest fashion do’s and don’ts can definitely be exhausting. The good thing about this list is that 1. It’s an unofficial list which means 2. It pretty much stays the same for each person and 3. Your list can be completely…

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    How Over 40s Petite Women Wear Hollister This Fall?

    Even though Hollister Co. may be traditionally known as just a teen apparel company, us adults all over the world are not excluded from visiting and shopping at this optimistic and inviting retailer. You may ask, how so exactly? This brand wants all shoppers to express their own personal style and individuality, which means anyone at ANY age can rock the brand. Yes, that is right! Whether you are a teen shopper or not, you are welcome as an over 40’s or petite woman. When was the last time you bought something at Hollister… that wasn’t for your kid? Hollister is always in the know about the latest trends, including…

  • Grace and Natalie Channel Retro Pin Up Looks
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    How To Channel Vintage Pinup Vibes at Work

    Everyone remembers the iconic scene in Grease when plain Jane Sandy trades in her ponytail and poodle skirts for red lipstick and a leather catsuit that electrifies Danny so much they feel the need to burst into song and dance. Good gravy, I only wish an outfit I wore would have that effect on people! But, there is a way to get as close as you can…  This edgy style was most popular amongst the rebellious young women of the 1950s, divided into a variety of subculture groups dubbed as greasers, rockabilly, and pin-up looks. While there are a few subtle differences between these three looks, they are all rooted…

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    Back to School Outfits for Teachers

    As a former teacher trust me when I say, I know how stressful it can get. I’m not saying it wasn’t fun and so fulfilling to see my students grow and learn (it definitely was!). But there are days when you can get a little more than stressed. Since it’s a new school year (yay!) and you know days like this are going to happen sooner or later, maybe it’s time to get into some new routines of your own. Changing certain things up can help ease the stress that’s bound to happen. A simple, yet effective, thing you can do is fashion related! I know you might be thinking…

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    What Does Business Casual Mean In Today’s Workplace?

    Throughout history what has been the ‘normal’ women’s clothing style has changed significantly. In the 1800’s it was scandalous to show your ankles. As society changed and evolved, so did fashion. The norm for womens fashion became more form fitting and shorter in length. Before long we had entered a time when women wore pants and shorts. While we have come a long way there are still certain unspoken social rules we follow, fashion and otherwise. Certain things are only appropriate in the right situations. It’s not like you’d wear your Sunday best just to go grocery shopping or your bathing suit out for a fancy dinner… At least I…

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    Be a Boss Lady With Banana Republic

    Being a boss lady, like with anything else in life, is not as straightforward as we make it out to be. Yes, a big part of it is being a strong woman who kicks butt at work, but it’s also a lot of small things that add up. One of the most important parts, in my opinion, of being a boss lady is the way you view yourself. If you are always convinced that you’re going to fail, there is a big chance you might. I get it, being positive and always seeing life as being glass half-full can be challenging. Sometimes we need a little boost to get us…

  • hanging outside in Vans Off the Wall
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    How Petite Women Over 40 Can Rock Vans This Fall

    I enjoy wearing a variety of different styles– especially fun and fresh pieces! I love the looks of Vans, and I know that my former students will be excited to see me rocking the brand from head to toe, especially as a 45-year-old woman! Fashion has no limits, right? Take a walk on the wild side and try out these new styles for fall. Read on about the history of this famous company and find several ways that you can style Vans for your age and frame. Early History of Vans  The Van Doren Rubber Company was founded in Anaheim, California on March 16, 1966, by two brothers named Paul…

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    My New Summer Love: Poshmark

    I’ve recently started giving more love to my Poshmark closet. I’ve been a member of the site for ages but never really took the time to understand and utilized it, AND BOY OH BOY am I glad I dove right in this summer. My actual closet is bursting at the seams so as a social media influencer and fashion blogger, Poshmark is a great avenue for me to share my love for fashion.  This week I’ve selected 5 items from my Poshmark closet to highlight. You can shop my closet here I’m starting the line up with a BIG bang: Christian Louboutin “Red Bottom” heels. Stunning nude color, worn a…

  • Celebrating International T-shirt Day with Chico's!
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    Celebrating International T-shirt Day with Chico’s!

    Did you know it is International T-shirt day? Wohooo!! Today is a day to celebrate the most versatile piece of clothing. Think about it! You can’t exactly wear a fluffy winter coat to the beach on a hot summer day or a bikini in the coldest part of the world. I mean you could, but it is not recommended lol. T-shirts can be worn on or under about any piece of clothing and can even be worn by itself!! I find myself wearing T-shirts a lot but the color T-shirt that I wear most would have to be white. I mean do you blame me? It is the easiest color…

  • Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Edison’s Café Bar, Shopping Marathon, Chocolate Trail and Pazzo Taverna
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    Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Edison’s Café Bar, Shopping Marathon, Chocolate Trail and Pazzo Taverna

    This is the 3rd post about my recent weekend girlfriends trip to Stratford Canada. You can read the first two here and here for what the fun we had just on Friday. In this post, I will cover the whole day of Saturday. Now when I look back to all the photos, I am surprised at how many activities we have done in just one day! Lol! Our day started at the Edison’s Café Bar. This whole foods café owned and operated by wife and husband team, Buffy Illingworth and Greg Kuepfer. Remember this is a very popular duo business model in Stratford? Lol! This place offers a mostly plant-based…

  • Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Revival House and Illume Wellness Spa
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    Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Revival House and Illume Wellness Spa

    I have always wanted to take a girlfriends trip and this past weekend my dream came true. Thanks for the wonderful Stratford Tourism Alliance, a group of Michigan female bloggers/vloggers and myself were invited to Stratford, Canada for a weekend trip filled with fun, food, shopping and outstanding shows in the theater. You can read this post back to February to know more about all the fabulous ladies with me in this trip. 😉 Named for Shakespeare’s birthplace, Stratford has grown to become Canada’s premier arts town. In addition to the annual Stratford Festival, performing from April through October, Stratford is always filled with theater, music and visual arts. I…

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