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    What to Wear to a Rooftop Bar in Early Spring

    In 2016 when I was a TV co-host, I have written a post called What to wear to a rooftop bar, you can read it to see my summer rooftop bar look, and my shorter hair style too! Lol! There are so many new restaurants, bars, and hotels popping up in Detroit these days. Last Friday I was invited to the private preview at The Monarch Club. This Detroit’s newest rooftop bar is opening just in time for the warm weather that’s on the way to the area. The Monarch Club is located in the Metropolitan Building at the top of the Element Hotel. The hotel opened in the building…

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    What to Wear || Colorful Blazers For Spring

    I have been in love with colorful blazers for a few years. This spring, I scored this purple blazer to add to my collection! [show_shopthepost_widget id=”3548674″] As the temperatures begin to rise, it’s time to awaken your wardrobe with some colorful pieces. Liven up the new season with a breath of fresh air in the form of bright, spring-ready outfits that will leave you feeling inspired. We all know that transitional dressing is hard. Finding a comfortable way to dress for the “in between” seasons means layers, and the most valuable layer you can have this spring is a lightweight and colorful blazer. A good blazer has also been known…

  • Spring Fashion || Wearing Pastel Colors
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    Spring Fashion || Wearing Pastel Colors

    Fashion trends come and go, but pastel colors for spring are here to stay. Why? Those colors are just so suitable for the fresh air of spring. Pastels are dream-like, soft, romantic, and they are an absolute necessity to brighten up our daily lives after the long and cold winter. Our hearts are just longing for life to come back again! Lol! [show_shopthepost_widget id=”3548684″] Pastel colors are often sweet and ladylike. For example, periwinkle, pastel pink, peach, spearmint, baby blue, pale yellow all the way to the softest lilac. I need more of pastel colors in my spring wardrobe since they make my eyes happy and my heart sing! This…

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    Outfit Ideas for Making a Style Statement in a Graduation Party

    Are you thinking of what to wear to a graduation party? Here are some amazing ideas on choosing the perfect outfit, for your graduation party. Outfit Ideas for making a Style Statement in Graduation Party A graduation party is one of the best moments of life, where students, their parents, family members, teachers, friends, and relatives can come together to celebrate. It is also an occasion to dress up and show off your style. But, there is a question: what do you wear to a graduation party? Whether you are a student or a woman in her forties invited to the party, you need to choose clothes that the occasion…

  • Spring Fashion || Yellow Over-sized Blazer
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    Spring Fashion || Yellow Over-sized Blazer

    While many places already have spring blossom, in our Michigan, we are still at the last few weeks of winter. But for sure spring is on its way! As a person who likes to plan ahead, it is time to think about spring fashion. I have been blogging for four years now and every year I have been writing this topic. Trends truly comes and goes, but the bright spring colors are always the ones to stay. So today, let’s talk about the yellow over-sized blazer for spring of 2019! Every year it seems like I’m falling in love with a different color. Last year it was dust pink. This…

  • Travel Fashion || What to Wear to A Winery in The Winter
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    Travel Fashion || What to Wear to A Winery in The Winter

    This past weekend, I went on a wine tasting trip to celebrate my birthday in Traverse City, Michigan and had a great time. I planned to write about what to wear to a winery in the spring. But the weather there was still stuck in winter.;) Have you ever been a wine tasting trip during the winter? It’s easy to pack for a winery in the summer (flowy dress, sunhat and sandals of course!) but in the cold winter, it can be trickier! Since it was only two nights stay and a four-hour drive each way, I packed really light. My main focus was on being comfortable and stylish. It…

  • What To Wear When Travel To Key West Florida In January
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    Travel Fashion || The Must Have Patched Denim Jacket

    A playful patched denim jacket, is the must-have in my travel wardrobe! If you are not that into the fun patches, just a plain denim jacket will do the same trick. In my last Travel Fashion post, I have talked about the cool dusters. Compare this with a flowy duster, both are used as a layering piece, and a must have in my closet. Denim jackets are not only versatile, but they go with just about anything. They are particularly useful to keep you warm and is exactly why you need one when you are on the road! Why Denim Jacket for travel? When we travel, most people tend to…

  • What To Wear When Travel To Key West Florida In January
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    Travel Fashion || Wear Duster Like a Cool Kid

    I have received a lot of requests to talk more about travel fashion. So here you go, my first one for you today is about the DUSTERS! WHAT EXACTLY IS A DUSTER? Before we talk about how to wear a duster, I want to make sure that everyone here understands what a duster is. Lol. For me, a duster is a lightweight and flowy coat, cardigan, or sometimes a vest. In general, it is long and floor-sweeping styles. To summarize, a duster is long as a trench, light as a kimono, and as effortless as a silk robe. Most people wear them to add a stylish layer, not expecting it…

  • Travel Style || What To Wear At The Airport
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    Travel Style || What To Wear At The Airport

    Since I started my travel journey a few years ago, there are a lot of people that have asked me to write about what to wear at the airport to be comfortable and still look stylish. So read on and see what my tricks are to putting comfy and chic looks together. This article is organized by month so you can get a better idea about the weather in general. I live in Michigan so most of the looks were taken in Metro Detroit Airport. Key Words for Winter travel:Loose and Layering From Detroit to Key West in January My tricks: Cashmere coat + cashmere sweater + legging + sneakers…

  • What To Wear When Travel To Key West Florida In January
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    See The Would ||What To Wear Travel To Key West Florida In January

    Key West, Florida is probably on everyone’s list of 100 places to visit before you die. lol! What to wear when traveling to key west in January? How to travel light in the winter season to a warm place without packing too much or too little? Read on to find out what I have packed for my 7 day trip recently to Key West, Florida! One of my life goals is to travel every 45 days. Because of this, I love using websites like https://tripideas.org to discover new possibilities. I work very hard in one and a half month then relax hard too for a few days after. We need…

  • Fabletics Kate Hudson Approved Active Wear
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    Fabletics Kate Hudson Approved Active Wear

    I am back from vacation but catching up with all my work. So this post will be super short and sweet! 😉 Are you still sticking to your fitness routine so far? 😉 If you are seeing yourself struggling with it, maybe some cute workout clothes can motivate you to try it again! Like these super cute and comfy active wear from Fabletics. Have you heard about this brand? By the way, it’s co-founded by Kate Hudson and each month she picks her favorite looks on the website for us to shop. Guess what, it is only $24 for 2 leggings if you join the VIP program. So far I…

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