• Being The Best of Me || Podcast Interview On Design Your Second Half
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    Being The Best of Me || Podcast Interview On Design Your Second Half

    It was my great pleasure to be interviewed by Nancy Del Santo from DESIGN YOUR SECOND HALF Podcast. Nancy is such a cool lady in my eyes! As an interior designer/decor, her work has been featured on HGTV’s House Hunters Renovation, The Pasadena Showcase House of Design, The Philharmonic Society of Orange County House of Design, Pasadena’s ASID Kitchen & Home Tour, The Los Angeles Times, CBS Los Angeles Local Newscast, Kitchen Trends Magazine, Bathroom Trends Magazine, NKBA Profiles Magazine, & The Laguna Design Center’s Entertaining By Design. In addition to this, she is a Best of Houzz Award Winner, House Beautiful Online Blogger, Design Bloggers Conference Hall of Fame…

  • Being The Best Of Me || Finding The Truth Of Loneliness
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    Being the Best of Me || Finding the Truth of Loneliness

    A few nights ago, I was on my way home from an event. I followed my car’s GPS, but it was not updated so It didn’t know anything about the freeway closure. I ended up in Detroit, somewhere in the dark of night. It made me a little nervous to stop at a gas station and fire up my Google Maps app on my phone. Finally, I was on the right freeway. It was quite late, and I was very tired. Suddenly, I heard some huge engine roaring right behind me. Before I reacted, I saw the car near me almost tip over. It was trying to avoid getting hit…

  • Being The Best of Me || Set Peace Treaty With My Childhood Abuse
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    Being the Best of Me || Set Peace Treaty with My Childhood Abuse

    Everybody is damaged on a different level, and everybody has holes in their heart. Most of the damage or pain is from our parents when we were little, intentionally, or non-intentionally. The results are the same: we’re often feeling insecure, or not feeling good enough. As long as I have had memories, I remember my mom being the one who made me suffer the most. Now when I look back, all the physical punishments were not that powerful. I do remember I was very scared of her. But her words, or the attitude of disliking me, hold a longer impact on me. She and her siblings would often laugh at…

  • Being The Best of Me ||Beautiful Inside and Out
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    Being the Best of Me || Beautiful Inside and Out

    I have never felt truly beautiful until this year. When my inner beauty and outer beauty finally matched. Every time when I say I am not that beautiful, it is quite interesting to see the look on people’s faces. They are kind of like, “Are you kidding?” No, I am not kidding or trying too hard to come off humble. My family was super poor, and my mom never wanted me. All my clothes were hand-me-downs from my older brother. I had pretty much zero knowledge about how to look good when I was young. My mom had very limited style advice. So, I was never exposed to fashion or beauty…

  • Being The Best Of Me || Seeing The Ugly Truth of Myself
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    Being the Best of Me || Seeing the Brutal Truth of Myself

    I have struggled my entire life to believe that I am enough. To believe I am good enough, smart enough, brave enough or beautiful enough. Childhood damage is far stronger than I could imagine. I thought this past year I had made huge progress on self-empowerment and making peace with the past. I didn’t know that there are still so many emotions of mine. If you have followed me for a while, you already know that I am trying to become a public speaker. So I can share my stories with more people, and encourage others to give their dream a chance. I have worked on my presentation for a…

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    What does Finding Grace Mean to You?

    Did you know that the original title of my book was called From Widow to Boss Lady? My publisher suggested that I change it to Finding Grace and I love that I did!! What does the title Finding Grace mean to you? The many people that have read my book have their own different interpretations. Below is my interpretation as an author at this very moment of my life; I am pretty sure it will change accordingly as I keep learning and growing. 😉 Finding Grace is about finding who I am. My book Finding Grace shows the journey of self-discovery. I go from a poor, ugly and useless girl…

  • Living Gracefully

    Women We Love Wednesday Podcast

    Wednesday I had the pleasure of being featured on the Women We Love Wednesday (WWLW) Podcast. The Women We Love Wednesday Podcast highlights local female entrepreneurs and allows them to tell their stories in order to educate and inspire others to live their best life. This podcast was created and is hosted by metro Detroiter and female entrepreneur Alexandria Richey (Sasha). Sasha is also the founder and CEO of Dáma detroit, a female-owned, Detroit based clothing line designed for women on the move. Since episode one, I have been a huge fan of this podcast and was honored to be invited onto the show as a guest. During today’s podcast,…

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    Tips To Look And Feel Your Best in 2021

    With this new year, especially after 2020, we all need a new look to jump start a fresh and hopeful 2021, right? Speaking of new looks, did you notice anything about my hair? 😉 Well, I recently chopped my hair short and donated 10 inches of it to charity. My hairdresser was so impressed by how thick and healthy my hair was that they asked me what my secret was. Lol! After she found out I was almost 47 years old, she REALLY wanted to know all my secrets for looking 10 years younger and healthier! Other than the ways we are all aware of (for example, eating more vegetables,…

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    The Best Gift You Can Give To Your Loved Ones

    This post is sponsored by The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, but all the opinions are my own. As many of you know, I recently got married, bought a new house and am now a wife and stepmom to 4 kids. My 2020 has included so many changes and transformations including going through this pandemic. Every day I am learning to play these new roles and enjoy what life has to offer. Lately, I have been focusing on ordering gifts for my family members. I enjoy finding gifts, wrapping gifts, giving gifts and opening gifts; all the laughter and joy is just so heartwarming. People who know me…

  • Gracefully Grieving

    International Widow’s Day: What It Means To Be a Widow

    You may not know it but today is International Widow’s Day! I didn’t know about it until I became a widow myself three and a half years ago. There are many people who tell me that I don’t look like a widow because I am too happy, too powerful and too put together! So it got me thinking that it is time to redefine the term WIDOW. Or better yet, what should an awakened, empowered widow look like? A widow is a woman whose world was unwilling destroyed and shattered. Being sad, angry, confused and scared is normal for widows at the very beginning stages of grief. But at the…

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    Everyone Needs a Break Sometimes

    I have been so incredibly blessed with all of the amazing things I’ve been able to do since starting this blog five years ago. What began as a fashion and beauty blog transformed into a blog about living with the cancer of my late husband that then transformed again into a blog about being a grieving widow that continued to evolve into me learning to live life to the fullest. Now, I want to take everything I’ve learned over the years of living and learning and help others learn to do the same. This Monday I will be traveling to Palm Springs, California to participate in two weeks of training…

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