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Social Media Consulting Services

Why would you hire someone whose own Instagram account is not very impressive? 😉 I have grown my own highly engaged Instagram account with more than 100k followers in 3 years. Now I am ready to use all my experiences to take your Instagram to the next level you have always wanted! No fake followers, all real engagement!

A Real Full-time Influencer Offers Social Media Consulting Services!! The programs I offer:

1. Mentor Program—This is good for individuals who want to make their social media into full-time income.

If you can spend at least 2 hours to work on your IG account daily, then I will suggest to you the mentoring program. I will coach you for 7 hours in the course of 6 months. I will help you analyze your account and understand where you are at and then we can come up with a tailored growth plan just for you. For example, we will figure out some basic facts about who you are and what you can offer to others. Then we do market research together to determine who will be your followers and how to get them to follow you and engage with you daily. The next step is moving to optimize your profile, and level up your content. We also will cover things about network and collaborations. This program is $700. If you need more hours, it will be $100 per hour.

2. The engagement program—This is good for individuals or companies who can produce content but want to increase the engagement rate (Gets more likes and comments)

If you are already swamped by your business daily, I will suggest to you the engagement program. I still need to coach you first, or one of your staff who is in charge of IG posting. This way, you or your social media staff will know how to post highly engaging content. Then my team will log in as you, to manually engage with your current followers, and following to lead them back to your account. We will also find your targeted clients and engage with them as well. This way, you will grow more real followers who are interested in what you do and most likely will become your customers.

Interested in any of the programs? Please Check out my Instagram account now and send me an email to to get it started.

Grace Liang @colorandgrace

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