• Social Media Influencer 101 || The Pros of Being a Micro Influencers
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    Social Media Influencer 101 || The Pros of Being a Micro Influencers

    This is the second post of the series for Social Media Influencer 101. If you are interested in becoming a Social media influencer, or just in general are curious about how this industry works, this series will help you to understand social media influencer better. I suggest you read the first one Understanding Engagement Rate before you read this one to get a systemic view of it. Since I started to mentor others about how to grow their Instagram account, I have heard the same concern over and over. I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH FOLLOWERS! In today’s social media world, you don’t have to have a million followers to be an…

  • Social Media Influencer 101 || Understanding Engagement Rate
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    Social Media Influencer 101 || Understanding Engagement Rate

    Social media influencers have become one of the hottest jobs nowadays. The most effective social media influencers remember to put link in Instagram bio in order to organize their content for their followers. People often view them as playing, enjoying life while making tons of money. Lol! It for sure seems like that way on the surface. But just like any types of business or job, it requires a lot of hard work. Compared to most of the traditional careers, being a social media influencer definitely has more freedom and is totally self-made. You don’t have to go to collage to do so. So everyone can be a social media…

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    Blog Anniversary || Color and Grace Turns Four Years Old!

    December 7th, 2014, after about one week of researching, discussions with my late husband and other friends, I bought the domain of Color and Grace and posted my first blog on www.colorandgrace.com. Below is one of the earliest photos for the blog post. I had no clue of photo editing. I was so shy so all the photos were taken either in my front yard or back yard. And I had no clue what to write! In the past 4 years, there was one frequently asked question: “What inspired you to start Color and Grace?”. So here is the answer. šŸ™‚ I was born and raised in the rural village…

  • The Best Photo/Video Editor Apps I am Using Now
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    The Best Photo/Video Editor Apps I am Using Now

    By now, it’s clear that creating great visual content is critical for everyone who wants to make a living on social media. Especially using Instagram to gain the social influence. Instagram has doubled its monthly active user base in the last two years, which means a lot more people are viewing and sharing photos in 2018. Plus, visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types. And what I have learned from this year, is video will be the future! Ok, now I am done with the serious talk. It’s time to discover some fun apps that can make our life so much easy…

  • How to Get a Stranger to Take Great Photos (of you!)
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    How to Get a Stranger to Take Great Photos (of you!)

    My late husband was my personal photographer. So after he passed away, I had to find whoever that is available to take my photos. I usually plan ahead of time to ask my step-daughter, or a few friends to help me with during the weekends. Then I started my solo travel journey and I realized that my selfie skills are so limited. In order to get some great photos, I have to learn to ask strangers to take photos of me. As you can imagine, it was not easy at the beginning. What if they say no? What if they are bad people? What if they drop my camera and…

  • Grow Your Instagram Account || What My Mentoring Program Can Help You
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    Grow Your Instagram Account || What My Mentoring Program Can Help You

    Since I launched my social media consulting business, I have received many questions about how exactly each program works and what the outcomes will be. So today I am going to dive into the Mentoring Program and show you more details. This Mentor Program is suitable for individuals who want to make their social media into full-time income eventually. If you can spend at least 2 hours to work on your IG account daily, then I suggest the mentoring program for you. I will coach you for 7 hours in the course of 6 months. I will help you to analyze your account and understand where you are at and…

  • Color and Grace Is Hiring Social Media Influencer Assistant And Interns

    Color and Grace Is Hiring Social Media Influencer Assistant And Interns

    Color and Grace is looking for Social Media Influencer Assistant and Interns to join our growing team. 1. Social Media Influencer Personal Assistant: Part-time, work from 1pm to 5pm daily at my home office in Troy, Michigan. I only can offer a minimum wage salary at this point. But I can give in-depth social media consulting and marketing training during the time working with me. If anyone would like to make social media become their full time income someday, this is a great position to start from. Anyway, the wage will be increased when our business is growing more in the future. The ideal applicant will possess strong knowledge of…

  • A Real Full time Influencer Shows You How to Grow Your Instagram Organically #1

    How to Grow Your Instagram||Analyzing Your Account First

    You may already know that I offer Social Media Consulting Services to help you grow your Instagram account. For more details, check out this page. I believe life is all about giving love and serve others. I love to see more people make their dream come true through Instagram. It is well known that the best instagram bot can help you in this area. I also believe we are not competitors, we are collaborators. So I will start to write more about my knowledge and experiences of how I grow my account for more than 100k in 3 years. I know there are some people out there who have opted…

  • Color and Grace Offering Social Media Consulting Services
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    Color and Grace Offering Social Media Consulting Services

    “Thinking of growing your social media and reaching your business goals? Why would you hire someone whose own Instagram account is not very impressive? šŸ˜‰ I have grown my own highly engaged Instagram account to more than 100k followers in 3 years. Now I am ready to use all my experiences to take your Instagram to the next level you have always wanted! No fake followers, all real engagement! Check out my Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/colorandgrace/ now and send me an email to gracel@colorandgrace.com to get it started.” If you have followed me on my Facebook, you have already seen this post about me officially launching my social media consulting services.…

  • What I Have Learned From #Blogher18 Creator Summit

    What I Have Learned from #BlogHer18 Creator Summit

    Last week I went to NYC to attend the BlogHer18 Creator Summit. I have been a blogger for almost four years, but I only have been to one conference as a blogging workshop host to share my experience. Since this year, I started blogging full-time. I quickly realized that I needed to treat this as a real business, not my hobby anymore. That means, my mindset and knowledge need some serious update. So, I have set some budget aside to learn more. Before I went, I already prepared myself for the kind of outcome I will get out of it. Just like I have read, I met a few people…

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    Blogging Tips || Attending #BlogHer18 Creators Summit

    Sometimes I am surprised that there are still quite a few people who don’t really know what exactly bloggers do. After I explain it to them, they usually rephrase it as “oh, so you take pictures, post online and make money.” Lol, sort of. But not exactly. Being in the blogging world for almost 4 years, I have seen so many bloggers whom I considered my mentors just disappear. I’m grateful for what everyone taught me over the years. If it wasn’t for them recommending that I looked into something as simple as Hostgator deals at productexpert.in to get my blog up and running, I don’t know if I would…

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