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    A Day In The Life of A Blogger

    What does a 3rdyear nursing student, newlywed and a fulltime blogger have in common? The simple answer: a zest for life and passion to keep learning.  This post is written by Stephanie Probert, Grace’s assistant. Being a fulltime blogger, one question that Grace receives most often is: What exactly is a blogger anyway and what do you do?  As Grace’s assistants, Lois and I thought it would be interesting to share our view on the day to day reality of blogging and the social media influencer world. Both Lois and I are at two very different points in our lives; her a full-time nursing student, lover of coffee and queen…

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    An Internship Summary || Behind the Scenes of Grace Liang

    I have been mentoring high school and college girls since last year. My mission is to lay a positive foundation for their mindset and encourage them to pursue their dreams. I have really enjoyed working with all of them. The best part is how rewarding it is when I see I have made some positive impact on their lives. Below is a summary from my current intern Jada. She is such a wonderful girl who has a big dream and is working hard to reach it! Dream it. Plan It. Make It Happen. May 1, 2019 By: Jada Grandy “As a young child, I always dreamed big, for myself, my…

  • Podcast Interview with She Do
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    Food, Fashion, and Living Colorfully with Blogger Grace Liang

    Happy Friday guys! Today’s post will be quite short in length. I would like to share with you a new podcast interview of me with She Do. It is a 48 minutes podcast interview. In this interview, we have talked about many things that you may think is interesting: 1. How I went from hand-me-downs to fashionista. 2. When I really started taking action to pursue my dream 3. How I gained my followings. 4. What my view is on oversharing on social media 5. How I find balance with choosing sponsors 6. How I found my brand identity 7. The soul searching journey after my late husband passed away…

  • Life After Loss||My Life Story Featured on Zensations Magazine

    An Influencer’s Talk ||The Exclusive Interview with Don’t Fear Grit

    I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Rob Taormina from Don’t Fear Grit. Don’t Fear Grit is a new media brand platform for hard-working leaders representing all niches. I met Rob last summer for a Buick campaign during the Woodward DreamCruise event in Michigan. You can watch this cool on the road interview I did with Metro Detroit Buick GMC. This video is quite long but you will see me starting at about three minutes. 😉 Rob Taormina is a seasoned entrepreneur, business consultant, and the CEO and founder of TalkIQ Media, a full-service digital agency servicing small businesses and national brands around the country. Rob has appeared on…

  • What's the Future of Influencer Marketing ||Allison+Partners Influencer Marketing Study

    What’s the Future ||Allison+Partners Influencer Marketing Study

    Four years of blogging, I found my title has changed a few times through out the years. First, I was a fashion blogger, then I became a lifestyle blogger, and now I am a full-time influencer. Four years ago, I was dreaming someday I could make a living out of blogging. Now I do, but technically I am making a living as an influencer. What I didn’t see at that time was how big Instagram became. In the last three and a half years, I have worked with more than 500 brands and witnessed this market growing super fast, from infant to mature. A few months ago I participated in…

  • Grace Liang is Nominated for The CEW x Preen.Me Rising Influencer of the Year Award

    Grace Liang is Nominated for The CEW x Preen.Me Rising Influencer of the Year Award

    When I started my blog and Instagram Four years ago, I was a fashion blogger. I thought “Why not do beauty?” it seems like fashion and beauty go hand in hand anyways. So by the end of my first year, I started to work with beauty brands. Now in my fourth year of blogging career, I have worked with many great brands being able to share with the world what I love. But I am always a skincare junkie, the full makeup hasn’t really become my thing yet. Lol! Anyway, I am so honored and excited to be one of the Skincare nominees for The CEW x Preen.Me Rising Influencer…

  • Galentine's Day Brunch with Michigan Bloggers
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    Galentine’s Day Brunch with Michigan Bloggers

    I still remember it vividly about four years ago when I just started blogging, I thought I was the only one doing this blogging gig in Michigan. Lol! That was a quite lonely feeling since there was no one to talk to about how to be a successful blogger. It was about eight months later when I finally met another local blogger and I felt I found the home. Lol! Of course, later I realized that there are many bloggers in Michigan. Meeting local bloggers are always so fun! Last Sunday, Liz from With Wonder and Whimsy hosted a fabulous Galentine’s Day Brunch for a few Michigan bloggers. I was…

  • Let Me Help You Grow Your Business || Enroll The Mentoring Program
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    Let Me Help You Grow Your Business || Enroll The Mentoring Program

    Since I have launched the Social Media Consulting business this past fall, I have worked with many small business owners or indivasilas who would like to take their social media influence to a higher level. During the last few months, some of them have already reached the steady growth of more than 1000 real followers each month. Some small business has seen more sales increase from Instagram, to make your business more efficent, you should check out the Together Platform. You can see one of my mentees, the small business @wellnessplease wrote this letter below! If you’re setting up an office for your business, take a look at these affordable…

  • Investing In Yourself ||Walking Into Success
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    Investing In Yourself ||Walking Into Success

    I just came back from my trip to Denver. So this post will be short and sweet! 😉 I went there for a workshop called ONE DAY TO GREATNESS hosted by Jack Canfield. If you are not familiar with him, here is some basic info about him. Jack Canfield is an American author, motivational speaker. He is the co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, which has more than 250 titles and 500 million copies in print in over 40 languages. In 2005 Canfield co-authored with Janet Switzer The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. This book is my…

  • Color and Grace Offering Social Media Consulting Services
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    Color and Grace Offering Social Media Consulting Services

    “Thinking of growing your social media and reaching your business goals? Why would you hire someone whose own Instagram account is not very impressive? 😉 I have grown my own highly engaged Instagram account to more than 100k followers in 3 years. Now I am ready to use all my experiences to take your Instagram to the next level you have always wanted! No fake followers, all real engagement! Check out my Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/colorandgrace/ now and send me an email to gracel@colorandgrace.com to get it started.” If you have followed me on my Facebook, you have already seen this post about me officially launching my social media consulting services.…

  • What I Have Learned From #Blogher18 Creator Summit

    What I Have Learned from #BlogHer18 Creator Summit

    Last week I went to NYC to attend the BlogHer18 Creator Summit. I have been a blogger for almost four years, but I only have been to one conference as a blogging workshop host to share my experience. Since this year, I started blogging full-time. I quickly realized that I needed to treat this as a real business, not my hobby anymore. That means, my mindset and knowledge need some serious update. So, I have set some budget aside to learn more. Before I went, I already prepared myself for the kind of outcome I will get out of it. Just like I have read, I met a few people…

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