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    What Does Business Casual Mean In Today’s Workplace?

    Throughout history what has been the ‘normal’ women’s clothing style has changed significantly. In the 1800’s it was scandalous to show your ankles. As society changed and evolved, so did fashion. The norm for womens fashion became more form fitting and shorter in length. Before long we had entered a time when women wore pants and shorts. While we have come a long way there are still certain unspoken social rules we follow, fashion and otherwise. Certain things are only appropriate in the right situations. It’s not like you’d wear your Sunday best just to go grocery shopping or your bathing suit out for a fancy dinner… At least I…

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    chambray shirt and short skirt

    Chambray shirt and short skirt Chambray shirts are the new one size fits all fashion piece. Along with a casual weekend look, It can go with a pencil skirt or blazer to create a more modern style business casual vibe. It also can go with a girly skirt to project a tough but still feminine image. This is truly a must have piece to pull a boho outfit together as well. I guess most of you have a chambray shirt in your closet. What I love the most about a chambray shirt is the youthful feeling it can bring. How do you wear your chambray shirt? The story of my…

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    how to wear a striped dress

    How to wear a striped dress There are a lot of people who don’t like wearing stripes, especially vertical stripes. I love stripes and wear them quite often. But for a petite person like me, there are a few tricks that will help us to pull off this chic look: 1. Pay attention to proportion: For striped dresses, usually an above the knee length is the best for a petite frame. 2. Pick a body friendly cut: A loose, baggy striped dress is a nightmare for a petite person and the whole body will just disappear in that striped bag. Don’t go too far with how tight it is either,…

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