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    This is the second post where I am taking about my experience with Lauren from LFB Color. If you have no clue what I am talking about next, you can read the first post FIND OUT WHICH COLORS FLATTER YOU MOST WITH LFB COLOR #1 to get an idea. 😉 Anyway, in this post, I will focus on how the results of my color analysis have helped me in my personal life. By the way, because Lauren’s expertise, people flight to Houston for service!! First, you can watch this short video I posted on my Instagram account to see how I have used my personal color swatches in my real…

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    3 Colors Rule::Black+Brown+Red

    3 Colors Rule::Black+Brown+Red French women may not agree with me, but I always like the 3 colors rule to create an outfit. It is simply because more colors are adding on more dimensions to a look. Different layers, textures and colors bring the excitement to an outfit. For this look, I like to keep natural but still fun, so I started it with the sweater. There are already two colors, so I just needed to add the 3rd one. I love contrasting colors as well. For example, light color with dark color. Since the brown is pretty light, I picked black as the 3rd color. After this color theme was…

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    Neutral Camel and Gray the Perfect Combo for a chic look

    Neutral Camel and Gray the Perfect Combo for a Chic Look You all know that I love bold colors. But it doesn’t mean that I dislike neutral colors. I just don’t like boring color combos. 😉 Among all the neutral colors, I like the mix of camel and gray best, what a pair! There is nothing more chic, more sophisticated or more classic than these two together. You may think, what about black and white? Good question, they are the forever classic but because of the strong contrast, they can come out a little bit too loud compared to the much more subtle camel and grey. I have to say,…

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    Fashion 101 How to Wear Buttercup Color

    Fashion 101 How to Wear Buttercup Color https://colorandgrace.com Daily Special Menu. Monday – Fashion 101 Tuesday – Fashion Chinese Take-Out Wednesday – Graded by Grace Throwback Thursday Friday – They Got It Right! Saturday – Fashion Gossip Sunday – Gone Fishing! Or shopping. Or gardening. But not blogging! Got a special order? Let’s hear it! I’m always looking for suggestions and comments! Buttercup is such a fresh and happy color for spring and summer. It is delicate, feminine and young. Just like the warm and comfy spring evening sun, it gives you a healthy glow and happy mood. 😉 Suggestion 1: Black and white Remember: Black and white are always…

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