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    How Over 40s Petite Women Wear Hollister This Fall?

    Even though Hollister Co. may be traditionally known as just a teen apparel company, us adults all over the world are not excluded from visiting and shopping at this optimistic and inviting retailer. You may ask, how so exactly? This brand wants all shoppers to express their own personal style and individuality, which means anyone at ANY age can rock the brand. Yes, that is right! Whether you are a teen shopper or not, you are welcome as an over 40’s or petite woman. When was the last time you bought something at Hollister… that wasn’t for your kid? Hollister is always in the know about the latest trends, including…

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    Back to School Outfits for Teachers

    As a former teacher trust me when I say, I know how stressful it can get. I’m not saying it wasn’t fun and so fulfilling to see my students grow and learn (it definitely was!). But there are days when you can get a little more than stressed. Since it’s a new school year (yay!) and you know days like this are going to happen sooner or later, maybe it’s time to get into some new routines of your own. Changing certain things up can help ease the stress that’s bound to happen. A simple, yet effective, thing you can do is fashion related! I know you might be thinking…

  • hanging outside in Vans Off the Wall
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    How Petite Women Over 40 Can Rock Vans This Fall

    I enjoy wearing a variety of different styles– especially fun and fresh pieces! I love the looks of Vans, and I know that my former students will be excited to see me rocking the brand from head to toe, especially as a 45-year-old woman! Fashion has no limits, right? Take a walk on the wild side and try out these new styles for fall. Read on about the history of this famous company and find several ways that you can style Vans for your age and frame. Early History of Vans  The Van Doren Rubber Company was founded in Anaheim, California on March 16, 1966, by two brothers named Paul…

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    Why We Love Madewell 70’s Fashion

    Maybe I’m thinking about this a little too soon, but fall fashion is one of my favorite seasons and I already have so many cute outfits planned! Recently fashion trends are just borrowing from past generations, which brings us to the current repeat of 70’s fashion. Sometimes the latest fashion trends, although super cute, aren’t really made for petite adults. Thanks to Madewell, keeping up with style, while staying classy, is made super easy. This outfit is head-to-toe Madewell. But first let’s talk about 70’s fashion in the 70’s. Fashion then was mostly influenced by music genres. You could tell who fell into what cliche category by how they dressed.…

  • A Fun Spin On Timeless Pieces For The Fall Wardrobe

    A Fun Spin on Timeless Pieces for the Fall Wardrobe

    We all want to find that outstanding new piece for our fall wardrobe, so we can stand out from the crowd. I love the current trends, but I also love to put a fun spin on timeless pieces and make them my own. I had so much fun styling super basic, but well-made, pieces. Let’s take a look at each of them. Timeless Piece One: White Denim I hope by now you’re already throwing away the old saying, “Don’t wear white after Labor Day.” LOL! Yes, you can wear white all year round. Anyway, I love to add a bit of fun and an edgy vibe to this pair of classy…

  • Look For Less With Salvation Army On Fox 2 Detroit
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    Look For Less With the Salvation Army On Fox 2 Detroit

    You may still remember the post LOOK FOR LESS TO SUPPORT THE SALVATION ARMY ADULT REHABILITATION CENTER (ARC) I wrote in early April. In that post, I used all my great finds at the Salvation Army Store near me and styled two outfits for myself. If I don’t say so myself, no one can tell the outfits are from a thrift store and one of the outfits was less than $10. Two weeks ago, I went to the same Salvation Army store to style 3 of the Salvation Army/ARC employees. I had an amazing time working with these amazing people and helping them to create stunning looks for less. I…

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    Felt Hats for Fall

    Felt Hats for Fall Once upon a time, a lady wouldn’t even consider leaving the house without her hat and gloves. While those days are long gone, but now every fashionable girl has a pretty big hat collection. And among all those hats, I have to say felt hats are my favorite! //Black wool felt hat // MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS WOMEN’S HIGH WOODS DRESS RED BLAZE Same // Black skinny scarf // Ray Ban sunglass SAME // Zac Posen black bag // Sam Edelman black heel lace up booties// I was quite crazy about felt hats and I even wore them during the summer last year. 😉 But this year…

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    Nicole Lee Black Friday Sample Sale fashion linkup

    Nicole Lee Black Friday Sample Sale fashion linkup Are you going shopping on Black Friday? This is the 8th year I’ve lived in America and I have never been a part of this crazy tradition. But I have quite a few relatives who are very passionate about this day. They usually shop the whole night on Thanksgiving and continue into Black Friday. And they don’t just go randomly. They shop with military precision. I mean they have their activities mapped out and scheduled so they don’t waste a minute or drive an extra mile! I don’t have their Ironmen’s endurance and I got enough of super crowded stores with super…

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    Fashion designer Vino Supraja interview and fashion linkup

    Fashion designer Vino Supraja interview and fashion linkup A few weeks ago I covered a local fashion event and that was where I met Vino Supraja. You can read those posts here and here She is an upcoming fashion designer who has a very unique fashion sense. Here are the interview questions I asked about her and her brand. 1. I know you are from India. You graduated from the IFA Paris school and studied in Shanghai, China. And now you run your fashion business in Michigan, U.S.A. That seems like a long journey with a somewhat unusual destination. I’ve also come from Shanghai to the Detroit area so we…

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    AIBI Watch giveaway and fashion linkup

    AIBI Watch giveaway and fashion linkup The school I work at is certainly a very cool place. We just had an activity where we were asked to identify ourselves and write a poem about the subject “WHERE I AM FROM”. The students had just done the same poem so the idea was that we would try to be on the same page as them and understand what they are going through. I think I surprised my Principal when I told him this assignment was a very painful process for me. Because I am from China and I don’t have the same experiences as others. For instance some of the questions…

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    Donate hair to Pantene Monday Fashion linkup

    Donate hair to Pantene Monday Fashion linkup I think it was maybe two years ago when I came across a story about a 7 year old American boy. When he was an incredibly mature 5 years old, he suddenly decided to grow his hair. Over the next two years, he got a lot of abuse; from bullies at school and from others in public. Many times he went home with tears in his eyes. His parents were very worried and suggested that he get his hair cut, but he was very determined about letting it grow. And then, on his 7th birthday, he asked his parents to take him to…

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