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    Be a Boss Lady With Banana Republic

    Being a boss lady, like with anything else in life, is not as straightforward as we make it out to be. Yes, a big part of it is being a strong woman who kicks butt at work, but it’s also a lot of small things that add up. One of the most important parts, in my opinion, of being a boss lady is the way you view yourself. If you are always convinced that you’re going to fail, there is a big chance you might. I get it, being positive and always seeing life as being glass half-full can be challenging. Sometimes we need a little boost to get us…

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    One Dress Three Looks from Timeless Michael Kors

    Michael Kors has known by most people because of his handbags. But in recent years, his clothing line has become equally popular among many women with the wide price range from less than one hundred dollars workwear to four or five thousand dollars of couture pieces. As one of the most notable American designers and brands of our time, Michael Kors founded his luxury brand in 1981 and has become synonymous with glamour, timeless design and a jet set lifestyle. Below are three looks that I put together by using Michael Kors from head to toe. I have always been into travel and its safe to say I like to…



    Another New Year’s Eve! Are you ready to wrap up 2018 and enter this brand new 2019? I am! I had a great 2018 overall and I am planing to have an even better 2019. I have created a new vision board and a detailed life plan for 2019. Now my eyes are on the goals and can’t wait to make them happen! Lol! Tonight, I will spend time with my family for a nice dinner and then finish up the last few hours at our local comedy castle. It has been our family tradition to laugh away the old year and welcome the new year with the happy crowed.…

  • Burgundy Velvet Dress for Christmas Party/Date/Gathering
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    Burgundy Velvet Dress for Christmas Party/Date/Gathering

    I hope you are all set with the gift shopping, wrapping and in a great mood for this holiday season! With the great help from my family, friends and my assistant, this year I started the holiday preparation really early. My Christmas tree was up even before Thanksgiving. Then I ordered majority gifts on Black Friday and wrapped all of them right after receiving them. My living room looks so festival with all the gifts under the tree, the lights and the Christmas decors. On my music playlist, the Christmas hits, peaceful Christmas piano and Christmas coffee house are on the heavy rotation. I even watched 5 Christmas movies with…

  • Gray on Gray || Makes A Great Holiday Look!

    Gray on Gray || Makes A Great Holiday Look!

    The color gray is an unemotional color. It is detached, neutral, and impartial. Being both motionless and emotionless, gray is solid and stable, creating a sense of calm and composure, relief from a chaotic world. Isn’t it the perfect color to wear during the holiday madness? Lol! If you are already in the center of this holiday chaos, you may want to wear gray on gray like what I did here. They sure will calm you down double fast! Lol! I always love the elegant vibe in all different shades of gray. The faux fur on this coat and the tassels on the dress sleeves add just enough amount of…

  • How To Wear Sporty Chic For Petite Woman Over 40s

    How To Wear Sporty Chic For Petite Woman Over 40s

    There’s a reason the athleisure trend has exploded in popularity: people want convenience and comfort with style, and sporty fashion is the answer. I love being elegant, so the sporty chic is my recent favorite. There are a lot of people think Sporty Chic just for young girls. The fact is everyone can pull it off if you know a few key tricks. 😉 Of course wearing sneakers with everything is the first thing came to your mind probably. It is the easiest way to do sporty chic. But I like to use other sporty style pieces to achieve this goal. Just like in this look, I use the sporty…

  • Level Up Your Style ||Power Suits and Blazers
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    Level Up Your Style ||Power Suits and Blazers

    I don’t consider myself as a girly girl. Although I do love to dress up and doll up. I like to use my style to speak to the world about myself. Recent years, I have drawn into power suits and blazers. Below are a few ways that I have worn them. Blazer with denim for a casual chic look Blazer with dress pants/shorts for a semi formal look Blazer with leather leggings Blazer with skirt Power Suits with shorts Power Suits with pants Power Suits with skirt Cape blazer with pants Do you love to wear a power suit or blazer? How do you like to wear them? Leave a…

  • How To Transition Summer Staple To Fall || White Tee+Denim Shorts In 3 Ways
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    How To Transition Summer Staple To Fall || White Tee+Denim Shorts In 3 Ways

    There is no doubt that everyone owns at least one white tee and one pair of denim shorts. These two are pretty much everyone’s summer go-to’s. Now the temperatures are dropping, but I am certainly not ready to put all my summer wardrobe away yet, are you? Below are three ways that I add on some fall key pieces to transition this timeless combo into the more cooling season. 1. The Sophisticated Trench Coat A classy trench coat not only keeps you warm but also adds on the sophistication to your look. Wear this look on a trip in the fall, a lunch date or just a weekend afternoon walk…

  • What To Wear To New York In Different Seasons
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    What To Wear To New York In Different Seasons

    Recent years, I have been to New York a few times in different seasons. People are always love my travels looks so I figured I should put all the looks together. Hopefully you find them useful if you are planing a trip to New York. 🙂 Winter: I went to NYFW back to February, 2016. It was super cold! Sping: This was the end of my Europe trip this year and I stopped in NYC for a few days in late March. Summer: I have been to NYC in summer for many times. 2018: 2016: Fall: To be continued! I will be there this fall, after my trip, I will…

  • 2018 Fall Trend || Mad For Plaid
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    2018 Fall Trend || Mad For Plaid

    Last years hot trend—Plaid, this year is still no the hot list! There are many ways that you can pull off a sleek plaid look. With white T-shirt and a timeless motor jacket: With a sweater: Plaid with jeans: Plaid with leather skirt: Plaid with fish net: Plaid on Plaid: This season’s checkered styles have been given a sleek modern upgrade. Look for plaid pieces with tailored finishes, pretty embellishments, and unexpected color combos to make the classic print seem fresh and brand-new. Photo credit: Grace Liang/@campinggirlash Thank you for reading! If you like what you read, please comment below, or share it with your friends. Don’t forget to follow…

  • How Petite Women Wear Wide Leg Pants
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    How Petite Women Wear Wide-Leg Pants

    It’s kind of funny when my followers meet me in real life and tell me they can’t believe I’m so short. LOL! Good news is, they all say other than that I look the same. 😉 For being a petite more than 40-plus years, I guess I do have a few tricks to make myself appear taller. We don’t call that cheating, right? LOL. I’ve always been a risk taker and especially love to try trends. Of course, every so often it turns into a disaster. However, most of the time it pays off… like this wide-leg pants trend. That’s because it can come off quite challenging for those with…

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