• Gracefully Grieving

    Gracefully Grieving: How to be a Blessing to Others

    I’ve been listening to Joyce Meyer’s teachings about God’s word daily for a few months now and I absolutely love it! My future sister-in-law Chris surprised me with a gift of the book Trusting God Day by Day: 365 Daily Devotions by Joyce Meyer. This book contains great short reminders everyday and I really love all of them. One of these recent reminders is called “Be a Blessing to Others.” One way this has helped me and many of my students to feel more compassionate about our life and of others again after losing our loved one is through helping others by being a blessing to others. There are so…

  • Being the best of me

    Gracefully Grieving: Accepting God Into My Life

    I accepted God into my life last year right before Christmas. For most people, they either grew up in a Christian family and therefore naturally accepted God or they turned to God when they were facing difficulties in their lives. My situation was a little bit different. After I lost my late husband, I was very confused about my life and started my soul-searching journey. Not long after my husband passed away, I went onto the internet to search for the answer to the question “What happens after you die?” That simple question led me to hundreds of videos, books, articles and training programs. I have learned so much about…

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