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    How to Heal Using Your Built-in Energy Healing System

    As a widow who has experienced grief firsthand, I have to tell you that you may be grieving the wrong way!! I know this statement may make some of you angry. Before you start to throw eggs, bricks or knives at me, just hear me out! We have all been taught that only time will heal us and that we have no power over our grief. Therefore, all we can do is to wait out our grief. This means that we have to suffer for a long time and that our grieving journey will never end. Does this sound familiar? Have you ever asked yourself if this is actually true?…

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    Gracefully Grieving: 5 Step Process to Bring You More Peace!

    While talking to a friend yesterday, she expressed the anger, fear, guilt, frustration and overwhelming feelings she was having about an unknown future life after the loss of her husband she had been married to for 30+ years. This is exactly what grief feels like. There are so many intense emotions and it’s almost impossible to find peace, right? With grief our old life is gone, the door has closed, and there is no way we can go back. We don’t like our new normal and we just want the old life that we had. Does this sound familiar? Feeling like this is where our suffering comes from. Today, I…

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    Changing Our Mindset in Order to Heal from Grief

    Have you ever wished you owned a time machine so you could go back and save your deceased loved one? I know I did many times! I begged, yelled and bargained to bring my husband back. It didn’t work of course! This took place a few months after I lost my late husband during one of my hour long crying spells on his ashes. I was so tired of being miserable and decided to change my reaction in order to intentionally save myself from my misery. Now, 3 years after I lost him, changing my reaction was the turning point of my life and I am able to live my…

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    Gracefully Grieving

    Turning Grief into Growth: Celebrating My Wedding Anniversary

    Today marks my 4th wedding anniversary without my late husband Bob. We first met each other 16 years ago in Shanghai and 3 years later we got married.  Back on 6/18 of 2017, my step-daughter and I went to a Korean BBQ restaurant to celebrate this special day and we dedicated a toast to Bob. The next day, we hosted a life celebration party to honor my late husband. Instead of a funeral, my husband requested that we have a big party to celebrate his life. It was a success! Over a hundred people came and shared their stories about Bob. I was both laughing and crying when I listened to…

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