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    Coming Soon: A Widow’s Resilience

    I am proud to announce the release of a new anthology book I will be a part of called A Widow’s Resilience. This book contains inspiring stories from women who courageously moved forward after the death of their significant others. It was such an honor to be part of such an amazing project and to learn how other widows were able to heal and transform their lives after loss. A Widow’s Resilience is set to be released soon on Amazon but in the meantime, you can pre-order your copy now at a special pre-sale price by visiting the website www.awidowsresilience.com More details to come soon!

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    Your Last Chance to Sign Up For My Gracefully Grieving Class

    URGENT! Registration will close in less than 6 hours and it’s not opening again. This is your very last opportunity to join my ‘Gracefully Grieving Energy Healing Online Class’. Secure your spot now or miss out completely: https://gracefullygrieving.com/healing Grace Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional! P.S. This isn’t some marketing gimmick or false scarcity. The registration page will literally be taken offline at 00:00 Pacific Time tonight and you won’t be able to enroll anymore. Join the class now since this is your last opportunity: https://gracefullygrieving.com/healing

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    Registration For My Gracefully Grieving Class Ends Tomorrow

    CLOSING TOMORROW From now until midnight tomorrow (December 6th), you can join my ‘Gracefully Grieving Energy Healing Online Class’. After that, registration will close and I won’t be taking on new students. Secure your spot in my class by clicking on the following link: https://gracefullygrieving.com/healing I’m not planning to reopen registration once it closes since this is an interactive class with a private Facebook mastermind group that requires a lot of my attention and time. Unlike other courses, I will be involved and will personally help you suffer less and heal faster from your grief. Registration will close permanently at midnight tomorrow PST time. Join my class before the doors…

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    How Do You Know When You Are Ready to Date Again After Loss?

    How do you know when you are ready to date again after loss? Since marrying my best friend back in November, there have been a lot of people who have asked me this question. Below are my answers. This advice also applies to anyone who have gone through a divorce as well. 1. I strongly suggest you hold off on dating until you clearly know who you are again. Whether you have been divorced or widowed, you are facing an identity crisis. Without rediscovering who you are after losing your old lifestyle, it will be very hard to know who will be a good fit for you in your new…

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    My Gracefully Grieving Energy Healing Course Guarantee

    If you’d like to live a joyful life again after losing your loved one, this is the most important message you’ll ever read. Let’s skip the long intro and cut straight to the chase. You’ve seen Alison’s video clip where she talks about founding her mom dead when she came to visit her in Chicago. Those devastating memories and mixed emotions of guilt, resentment and anger were very hard to overcome. But after using my Gracefully Grieving Energy Healing Process, she is now able to live a peaceful and joyful life again. Here’s what I can guarantee: My Gracefully Grieving Energy Healing Process can shorten the time of your suffering…

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    Enroll In My Gracefully Grieving Online Class Now

    Registration for my ‘Gracefully Grieving Energy Healing Online Class’ is closing early. Make sure you secure your spot while you still can: https://gracefullygrieving.com/healing The plan was to keep registration open until Sunday, December 13th but I’m approaching the upper limit of the students I can accept into my class. For that reason, enrollment will close on Sunday, December 6th at midnight PT. Make sure you secure your spot before it’s too late: https://gracefullygrieving.com/healing I’ll see you later Grace P.S. Everyone is raving about my class so far and we’re having a great time in the mastermind group. I’ve never seen such an active, dedicated and determined group of women all…

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    Gracefully Grieving Energy Healing Online Class

    We’re OPEN, yayyy! Registration for my ‘Gracefully Grieving Energy Healing Online Class’ is open! Yayyy! You can secure your spot here: https://gracefullygrieving.com/healing Yesterday I sent a secret registration link to everyone who signed up for my early bird waitlist and within a few hours, about half of the class spots sold out. My class is filling up fast so if you’re still thinking about signing up for my class and facebook mastermind group, it has to be now. There are currently only 15 spots still available. Visit my class website to secure your spot before it’s too late: https://gracefullygrieving.com/healing Grace P.S. My class comes with a private Facebook mastermind group…

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    How to Grieve Gracefully

    Grieving doesn’t have to be always be a huge mess. We all can learn to grieve gracefully! Have you ever felt like you have no power over your own grief? Or do you believe that as your memory fades that the pain of losing your loved one will fade too? And do you believe once you lose someone, you are doomed to grieve forever? Watch this video to see the first step to fixing these things! If you’ve missed my previous FREE videos, make sure you click on the link below and watch the replay of my FREE 6-part video series. https://gracefullygrieving.com/free-videos Would you love to REALLY suffer less and…

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    Gracefully Grieving: Black Friday Book Giveaway!

    The holidays are just around the corner and to celebrate, I am giving back to all of you! When you sign up for my Gracefully Grieving Energy Healing online course early bird waitlist, you will also be entered to win a FREE copy of my book Finding Grace. How does the giveaway work? Anyone who lives in the US that signs up for my early bird waitlist between 11/23 and 11/27 will be entered to win a copy of my book “Finding Grace.” On 11/28, I will be randomly selecting 10 people who signed up for my Early Bird waitlist to receive a copy of my book. The good news…

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    Feeling Financial Anxiety? Grief May Be the Reason!

    After losing my late husband, I often felt the fear of being poor again! It felt like I had worked my butt off to get where I was and now that my late husband was gone, somehow I would be sent back to my early life of poverty. There were so many possibilities that I imagined that would turn my life into a disaster. What if I got sick and had to use all my life savings to pay for the doctor bills? What if I got into an auto accident and the other driver sued me for all I was worth? What if I made a major financial mistake…

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    Finding Success by Doing the Small Things

    I was going through the notes on my phone and found the following from about a year ago. Celebrate the small wins: 1. Got a good night sleep without sleeping pills. 2. Did some meditation and affirmations to intentionally healing myself. 3. Talked to God and asked him for guidance and support. 4. Appreciated the flowers when I opened my bedroom windows. 5. Decide on always asking myself the question “What positive meaning can I find from this situation?” 6. Decide to enjoy what I am doing more intentionally. 7. I was excited for a solid work day without any meetings or disruptions. This exercise is designed to help anyone…

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