• Gracefully Grieving

    Using Affirmations to Achieve Your Goals

    The one thing that is used a lot when coaching and training others is the power of affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that can help you challenge and overcome your self-sabotaging behaviors and negative thoughts. When you repeat affirmations often and believe in them, you can start to make positive changes and remove limiting beliefs. Below are my affirmations from last year. Now when I look back, these affirmations have helped me reach the point I am at now which is that I truly believe I am loved by God, that I am good enough and worthy enough in God’s eyes. “I am so much more than my emotions, my…

  • Gracefully Grieving

    What life looks like for an empowered and healed woman!

    Just close your eyes and imagine your brand new life now. You wake up from a good night’s sleep, stretching your arms while opening your eyes. Instantly you smile and your heart is full of appreciation. You love your new, cozy home. Everything is just the way you always wanted; simple, yet it speaks volumes about who you are. You get up and get yourself a cup of your favorite coffee, getting dressed while listening to your favorite audiobook. Today is a very special day. It is the wedding anniversary of you and your late husband. You scan your whole body for any signs of pain or sorrow but you…

  • Gracefully Grieving

    International Widow’s Day: What It Means To Be a Widow

    You may not know it but today is International Widow’s Day! I didn’t know about it until I became a widow myself three and a half years ago. There are many people who tell me that I don’t look like a widow because I am too happy, too powerful and too put together! So it got me thinking that it is time to redefine the term WIDOW. Or better yet, what should an awakened, empowered widow look like? A widow is a woman whose world was unwilling destroyed and shattered. Being sad, angry, confused and scared is normal for widows at the very beginning stages of grief. But at the…

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