• What to Wear at a Renaissance Festival By Shopping In Your Own Closet
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    What to Wear at a Renaissance Festival By Shopping In Your Own Closet

    I guess I am a too practical a person. I can’t see myself spend a lot of money buying a whole custom wear not even once of 3 years. 😉 This past Sunday, our family went to our local Renaissance Festival. I have lived in America for 11 years, but this was my third times went there. I am not a fun person I guess. Lol. Anyway, I have been super busy, and I didn’t even think about what to wear until the night before. I know, I am so last minute on this thing. So I did a little bit research and shopped in my closet. The outfit turned…

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    How to perfectly pack your evening clutch

    How to perfectly pack your evening clutch Happy Friday guys! New years call for new plans and changes. I will start to produce more Youtube videos for my 3rd year blogging. My plan is at least once a week and it will be most likely on every Friday. The past Wednesday I talked about how to choose the perfect evening clutch, if you haven’t gotten a chance to read it, you can catch up here. On the same note, I wanted to share with you how to perfectly pack your evening clutch. So my first video is below, it would be great if you can watch it and give me…

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    What to wear to an opera

    What to wear to an opera? //Lanvin green top // Rita and Phill Custom-Fit pencil Skirt // Red LV bag // black Bethany Johnson bow sandal heels // Rayban sunglasses// Are you a big fan of opera? I am not. But I like it better and better when I am getting older and more sophisticated. I guess aging helped me to appreciate more arts. 😉 About 10 years ago. My husband took me to the Phantom of the Opera when they visited Shanghai and I was very impressed by it. So we were very happy to be invited to the final performance of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” at the Detroit…

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    How to pull off fringe fashion trend 2015

    How to pull off fringe fashion trend 2015 Fringes are one of the hottest trends this year because of the 70’s comeback styles. What is your memory about fringes? I guess mine is very different with yours. I was born in the mid 70’s and back then, China was a real 3rd world country. We were struggling to find food and shelter, so at that point fashion is really not that important. My first memory about fringes has to go back to when I was very little. In my hometown, during Chinese New Year there would be one or two shows on the main street. The local folk artists would…

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