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    From summer to fall+Fashion link up

    From summer to fall+Fashion link up My favorite season has always been Spring. I love the lively energy it brings back to our lives and world after the long cold freeze. It just always makes me smile and feel happy. But fall on the other hand had the opposite effect. It seemed that it meant the end of the season of things growing and green grass and colorful flowers. It always felt sad and hopeless. Only a few years ago I was still thinking this way. But somehow, and I’m not sure what exactly happened but, I am OK with the fall season now. It is just another season and…

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    how to style a long vest

    How to style a long vest I styled this white long vest on the post called What to wear on the airport! Today I am going to Atlanta and I am wearing the exact same vest. Below my driving story continues: All things must pass… So I was driving on the freeway my first time. We were on our way to northern Michigan to visit my in-laws when my husband/driving teacher decided this was a good chance to get me some high speed driving experience. I had spent most of my time behind the wheel so far inside the city limits of the small town we lived in. That meant…

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