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    Achieve More With Your Life Plan

    I have developed the habit of making a list of yearly goals for my life plan for the past 7 years now. The key for better results is to go back to that list and check the progress of each goal on a monthly basis. This allows us to move things around (if needed) to help make things happen. Below are a few categories on my life plan for 2020 but as you can imagine, some of my goals have become more difficult to reach due to COVID. All we can do is make the best out of whatever we have been given, right? Health 1. Heal my shoulder and…

  • Gracefully Grieving

    Finding a Balance Between Mind, Body and Soul

    Life is a balance of our mind, body and soul. Do you believe one area is more important than the others? Some of us believe inner beauty is more important than outer beauty, others believe a smart mind is more important than a fit and healthy body, while others still believe a spiritual life is more important than the mind and body. I believe the mind, body and soul are all equally important. If we ignore one of these areas, our lives become unbalanced and incomplete. Don’t settle with the limiting belief that you can’t have it all. There are many people who DO have it all! They have a…

  • Gracefully Grieving

    The GOLDEN Formula to Take Back Control of Your Grief!

    This GOLDEN formula has totally transformed my life. It has helped me overcome poverty, family abuse, domestic violence, moving to a foreign country, and losing my husband to cancer. This formula helped me to live a joyful life again and it will change your life if you apply it too! Are you ready to suffer less and heal faster? Here you go! E+R=O E represents the EVENT, such as a loss of your job, divorce, loss of a loved one, etc.R represents the RESPONSE, not the reaction. The difference between a response and a reaction is that a reaction is what you instantly do right after something happens without thinking.…

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