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    Ultherapy Helps Me Look My Best

    This post is sponsored by Ultherapy, but all opinions are my own.  Looking good has always been something that has made me feel more confident and the reason why Color and Grace started out as a fashion blog. As we get older, fashion can only take us so far, and that’s where Ultherapy comes in. Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive treatment that lifts and tightens the skin on the neck, chin and brow, and smooths lines and wrinkles on the upper chest. It is the only non-invasive treatment that goes deeper to stimulates the production of your own natural collagen non-surgically, without any downtime. About three months ago, I went…

  • #Dropsale ||Shop Cushnie's Pre-Fall And Fall 2018 Collections At Recleau
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    This post is sponsored by Recleau. What word are you going to use to describe this dress I am wearing? Modern? Bold? Alluring? Feminine? Minimalist? Or sophisticated? I have to say, this exquisite NYC brand, a CFDA award winner—Cushnie fits all. This is the go-to brand for celebrities like Michelle Obama, Gal Gadot, Beyonce, Blake Lively, Lupita Nyong’o, Jennifer Lopez and many others; this brand features a feminine, sophisticated look for the modern, confident woman. I must say I did feel like a #girlboss when I was rocking this dress. Where can you get your hands on something like this? I know you can’t wait to know. Lol. You have…

  • 2018 Fall Trend ||How To Wear Colorful Tights In The Real Life
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    2018 Fall Trend ||How To Wear Colorful Tights In The Real Life

    Every year there are some new trends often make you think “How can a real person wear this trend in real life?” Lol, you are not the only one who has this thought. Even a long time fashion blogger like me, sometimes I just shake my head when I see something on the runway. 😉 Wearing colorful tights for this fall? It sounds quite crazy and feels so outdated, right? But the fact is this 80s trends are coming back again with an even bolder twist. I used to own more than ten pairs of colorful tights, from purple, burgundy, to teal. I know, they were all very crazy bold…

  • 2018 Fall Trend || Snakeskin Is The Animal Print to Wear
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    2018 Fall Trend || Snakeskin Is The Animal Print to Wear

    There are a few seasonal trends that are in year after year. Animal prints are one of them for the colder seasons. For some reasons, when we mention animal prints, we often refer to Leopard prints. Of course, leopard prints are timeless and will never be out of fashion. But this year, the hottest animal print is snakeskin. Are you just regretting because you donated all your old wardrobe? Lol, those 80s staples are coming back very strong. Probably look into your mom’s closet to see if you can fish out some of this print. For the transitioning season, I like to use some of my summer wardrobes still, but…

  • How Can You Make 2018 Spring Fashion Trends To Your Own
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    How You Can Make 2018 Spring Fashion Trends Your Own

    How many of you are just like me? I laugh out loud when I see some of the weirder fashion trends on the runway. For example, the plastic trend for Spring 2018. How do they expect a real woman to wear those pieces in their real life? I have to say, many of the new trends on the runway every year could go wrong if we regular people try to simply copy them. Let’s face it, most of us don’t have a super model body and lifestyle. Something could look really cool on a young model, but make us look like someone’s grandma. Although I am a grandma, I don’t…

  • What To Buy During End of Winter Sale||Oversized Puffer Coats
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    What To Buy During End of Winter Sale||Oversized Puffer Coats

    March means spring is coming. But for our Michiganders, it is not so true. We may still get 6 inches snow in April. I remember one year all the little kids had to find the Easter eggs under the snow in their back yard. 😉 While we are waiting on spring to actually arrive, most of the major stores already started their end of winter season sale. Usually in March, those sales have deep discounts. If you know what you love, or what will be still hot next winter, right now is the best time to score a few things for next year. I am betting on the oversized puffer…

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    Fall Flair Bell Sleeves | Tutu Skirt | Fish Net

    Fall Flair Bell Sleeves | Tutu Skirt | Fish Net The best part of fall, for me, is finally being able to layer again and pulling out a lot of fun pieces to wear – getting into the trends with things like bell sleeves, tutu skirts, and fish nets. I am still a big fan of bell sleeves and I wish this trend stays longer. I remember I had a purple velvet top with bell sleeves and I wore it very often about 8 years ago. At that time, bell sleeves were considered old fashioned, but I didn’t care. Later, I gained too much weight so I had to donate…

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    Statement Sleeves and Slide Flat Shoes For Fall

    Statement Sleeves and Slide Flat Shoes For Fall It is the time of year again that we need to think about how to transition from summer to fall. There are two trends that will still be hot this fall, and they are statement sleeves and slide flat shoes. I got quite a few statement sleeve tops this summer and love them very much. I am very happy to see that this trend will stay for a little longer. 😉 The other trend of this year is slide shoes. I particularly love the flats. In fact, I have worn them non-stop this whole summer. This pair of black ones will be…

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    Stand Out with a Boho Statement Necklace from JTV.com

    Stand Out with a Boho Statement Necklace from JTV.com This post is sponsored by JTV.com. I was paid for this post and received JTV.com jewelry pieces as compensation. The past few seasons have been dominated by the choker, but the boho statement necklace has made a bold comeback. Or, was it really ever gone at all? 😉 Summer has already started and we wear a lot of comfy basic shirts or tees. Comfy shouldn’t mean sloppy or plain. It’s a time to go for bold statement necklaces that can easily make you stand out. My Artisan Collection Of Colombia™ Red Bamboo Coral And Blue Magnesite 18k Gold Over Bronze Necklace…

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    Black+White+Red+Gold A Little Classy And A Little Trendy

    Black+White+Red+Gold A Little Classy And A Little Trendy Out of all the color combos, black, white and red probably are my all time favorite. The combination of the three is super chic, but still bold. With the help of the color gold, the outfit instantly feels more posh. By the way, I just realized that those are the national colors of Germany too! Crazy talk! Anyway, Black+White+Red+Gold is a little classy and also a little trendy with the bell sleeve top. How do you wear your bell sleeve black top? What are your favorite color combos? Leave a comment below! Photo Credit: Grace Liang/Yun Bai. Thank you for reading, and…

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    This Summer Must Have Cold-Shoulder Shirtdress

    This Summer Must Have Cold-Shoulder Shirtdress Did you read my post It’s All About Statement Sleeves and Cold-Shoulder? If you did, you should already know why a cold-shoulder is better than off-the-shoulder. If you are not that into the extreme statement sleeve trend, then just pick something with a cold-shoulder this summer. Just like what I am wearing! The shirt dress is the perfect spring/summer silhouette to slip on for a day at the office with no hassle. There is no need to worry about your tummy sticking out after a big lunch. Shirt dresses are very forgiving and super friendly to those of us who don’t have a high…

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