• What To Wear On Valentine Day For Women Over 40
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    What To Wear On Valentine Day For Women Over 40

    To be honest with you, my late husband and I never celebrated Valentine’s Day. We felt every day was Valentine’s Day for us so there was really no need to fight the crowed or pay ridiculous high price for roses or dinner. We didn’t exchanged gifts either but we did have nice home cooked dinner with a bottle of wine. For this year’s Valentine’s Day, I will be in China with my family to celebrate Chinese New Year. By the way, this year’s Chinese New Year will be on 2/16 and the color for Chinese New Year is RED too! 😉 Although I won’t be celebrating this year’s Valentine’s Day,…

  • Chico’s Reversible Leopard Ruana Looks Round Up
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    Chico’s Reversible Leopard Ruana Looks Round Up

    Chico’s sent this fun ruana to Many bloggers as a holiday present. You might have seen some bloggers you follow wearing it on their blogs or Instagram. I finally got a chance to wear it last weekend. It’s for sure a very vertical piece, reversible with leopard on one side and black on the other. If you have followed me for a while, you will know how much I love leopard. For me, leopard is very classy and iconic which it will never really go out of style. Below are three fabulous bloggers who I have seen wearing the same cape as mine. Love their style very much! The first…

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    Easy Labor Day Outfit—No Labor Required

    Easy Labor Day Outfit—No Labor Required Happy Labor Day guys! I know you are all busy hanging out with your family and friends, so today my post will be short and sweet. I just want to share this simple look for this special day. No matter if you are wine tasting, strolling on the city sidewalk, or hanging out on the beach, this bold boho dress has you covered. The best part? It is so easy to wear and breath, no labor required. 😉 For a Michigander, today usually is the last hot summer day for us, so of course a summery dress is the best choice. Love that yellow…

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    Empowering yourself and helping others

    Empowering yourself and helping others Do you know what I feel the best about being on the cooler side of my 40s? It is the confidence to be who I am. I don’t fight with myself anymore. This is me, an uptight, serious Chinese lady with a weird accent when I speak English. But those attributes also made me a hard working person and maybe a bit more memorable one to stand out in the crowd. 😉 //MLE empower tee // black sheer long vest// Chelsea 28 Olivia Palermo brown leather skirt //Toms tan open toe booties //red LV bag // tie bow // It took me my whole life…

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    The total tie keep review as seen on Shark Tank

    The total tie keep review as seen on Shark Tank There are two TV shows in America that always get me pumped up! One is Project Runway, and the other is Shark Tank. I guess because they share something in common, the American Dream. Those two shows are perfect examples of how an average person, just like you and me, can become successful by working hard and having a creative mind. Unfortunately, I just don’t seem to have that special kind of talent to design and make my own line of clothes. And it seems the only ideas I get for some invention were already thought of by someone else.…

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