• Gracefully Grieving

    How to Heal Using Your Built-in Energy Healing System

    As a widow who has experienced grief firsthand, I have to tell you that you may be grieving the wrong way!! I know this statement may make some of you angry. Before you start to throw eggs, bricks or knives at me, just hear me out! We have all been taught that only time will heal us and that we have no power over our grief. Therefore, all we can do is to wait out our grief. This means that we have to suffer for a long time and that our grieving journey will never end. Does this sound familiar? Have you ever asked yourself if this is actually true?…

  • Gracefully Grieving

    International Widow’s Day: What It Mean To Be a Widow

    You may not know it but today is International Widow’s Day! I didn’t know about it until I became a widow myself three and a half years ago. There are many people who tell me that I don’t look like a widow because I am too happy, too powerful and too put together! So it got me thinking that it is time to redefine the term WIDOW. Or better yet, what should an awakened, empowered widow look like? A widow is a woman whose world was unwilling destroyed and shattered. Being sad, angry, confused and scared is normal for widows at the very beginning stages of grief. But at the…

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