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    Two New Beauty Gadgets I Love

    2019 is no question the year of skincare. While we once fell head over heels everytime a new eyeshadow pallet hit the scene or gossiped with all our friends about some new miracle hide-all foundation, this year it’s all about how to achieve that flawless, baby smooth, #WokeUpLikeThis, dewy make-up free skin. In addition to all the ooey-gooey goodness of clay masks, oils, creams, and soaps, we can’t forget about all of the excellent skincare tools the beauty world has to offer. While on my continuing mission to maintain and improve my skin, especially as I get older, I knew I needed to jump on board and try out a…

  • All Day Fashion||Munro Beth Open Toe Pump Mules At Zappos.com
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    All-Day Fashion || Munro Beth Open Toe Pump Mules at Zappos.com

    This post is sponsored by Zappos. One thing I noticed after I turned 40 a few years ago, was I have been wearing fewer and fewer sky-high heels compared to when I was younger. Comfort became more and more important to me. So this summer, I was looking for a pair of open toe mules with a low heel to wear with just about everything. Mules have been hot on the trendy list for a few seasons now and this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. I mean, with such a busy life and all the pressures we are facing every day, who wouldn’t love a pair of…

  • Design Custom Made Shoes from Shoes of Prey
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    Design Custom Made Shoes from Shoes of Prey

    “Be yourself, everyone else is taken” —Oscar Wilde I am pretty sure you have heard this quote many times, but do you truly believe in it? I do. I was not always 100% sure about being myself until this year. My journey through grieving and living alone has completed me and I realized the value of just being myself. You can read all my Life After Loss series here and Living with Cancer series here to see how I got to where I am today. 😉 So who am I? I am just this petite lady with a big smile on all the time. I love colors, great quality things,…

  • Genuine Python Clutch Purse From Beau Satchelle
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    Genuine Python Clutch Purse From Beau Satchelle

    It seems like everyone is talking about New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. For me, no matter what the new trends are every year, I like to stick with timeless pieces, so I don’t alway jump on board to the hot, but often fast dying, trends. One of the timeless pieces I always can count on, is an exotic and luxurious Python clutch. I am pretty sure most women own at least one snakeskin print piece. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blouse, pencil skirt or a handbag, snakeskin never goes out of style. This iconic print/material makes it to the top of the trend…

  • How to Get Flawless Skin with At Home Microderm MD By Trophy skin

    How to Get Flawless Skin with At Home Microderm MD By Trophy Skin #2

    This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. Back in November, I talked about the newest great find in my beauty tools, Microderm MD. You can read my initial experiences and thoughts about using it here:”How to Get Flawless Skin with At Home Microderm MD By Trophy skin #1“. Now, more than 6 weeks later, what am I thinking about the at home Microderm MD By Trophy Skin? Well, read on to find out. 😉 First, if you are not very familiar with Microderm MD, here is some info that you can start with. Microderm MD is an exfoliation system that is designed for home use and…

  • Radiant Skin And Responsible Skin Care From Amala
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    Radiant Skin and Responsible Skin Care From Amala

    Radiant Skin and Responsible Skin Care From Amala The older I get, the more questions I receive about how I keep my skin looking 10 years younger. Are there any secrets? Not really, it is just like everything else I do. There are no short cuts and it is plain hardwork. I try many new products ) and I USE a lot of products every morning and evening, so my skin care routine is much longer than most women. 😉 I am 43 years old and I believe even if you’ve passed 40, you can still turn back the clock on your skin and actually undo signs of damage. It’s…

  • Stand Out With 7 Charming Sisters Jewelry
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    Stand Out With 7 Charming Sisters Jewelry

    Stand Out With 7 Charming Sisters Jewelry I normally don’t wear much jewelry, but when I do, I pick the pieces which will make me stand out from the crowd. Just like the necklaces you are going to see in this post. I got this statement necklace first from 7 Charming Sisters and really loved it. I get so many compliments on it every time I wear it. I may even wear it when I go to interview Steve Madden. Yup, the famous shoe designer! You need to follow me on Instagram so you can see all the details. 😉 Its almost as if I’m wearing famous jewelry to my…

  • My True Identity With My Heritage DNA
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    My True Identity With My Heritage DNA

    My True Identity With My Heritage DNA I have never met my dad’s parents since they both passed away before I was born. The only grandparents I had were from my mom’s side. I heard some of their stories, but we didn’t even have any photos of them. So seriously, there is not much of a history left for me to discover. When I was young, I often got picked on because my nose is bigger and fuller than most Chinese people. Even my aunts (my mom’s sisters) would tease me by saying “the big nose is the ugly” and that it runs in my dad’s family. Sure enough, all…

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    From Summer to Fall with Picadilly Canada

    From Summer to Fall with Picadilly Canada Last week in Michigan, we had a few super hot days with temperatures above 90 degrees. This week, the heat wave has remained. To be honest with you, I have no complaints because I love summer and warm weather. But I also know I need to prepare for the fall. I love to continue using some of my summer pieces to transition to fall. Just like this RUFFLED SLEEVELESS BLOUSE from Picadilly Canada. It has black and white, two colors and sizes run from XS to XXL. I got a size small a few month ago, but now after I lost some weight,…

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    Interstellar by Cristina Rodrigues for FLY London

    Interstellar Dwellers by Cristina Rodrigues for FLY London Shoes Boots are to fall as bread is to butter. Experiencing one without the other just doesn’t feel right. I have a lot girly ankle booties, but I always reserve a spot in my wardrobe for a pair of comfy and edgy flat lace up combat boots like these ones I am wearing from FLY London. Here is a fun fact I just discovered. Based on a survey this year, what do you think is the hottest boot style in New York City? It is combat boots! Below is a full list of the most popular boot trends in NYC. The runner-up…

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    WiFi Wherever You Travel With Telecom Square Global Hotspot

    WiFi Wherever You Travel With Telecom Square Global Hotspot Hi guys! I am back from Paris in one piece and with many great memories!;) I was really worried before the trip because it was my first international solo trip. I know zero French and my English is not the best either. There is nobody I know in Paris and I didn’t have any company for the trip. It turned out to be one of my favorite vacations because I got so much help from my convenient internet access. On my phone I have several apps that are definitely my heroes when it came to the success of this trip. I…

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