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    Home Away From Home ||Kimpton Hotel Monaco Chicago

    This past weekend, I went to Chicago for a getaway trip. Although it’s only about 4 hours drive from where I live in Michigan, for some reasons, I have never stayed in Chicago overnight for a vacation. ūüėČ  For a newbie, I stayed at this super modern chic boutique hotel, Kimpton Hotel Monaco Chicago. With the best location I could ask for, I had a fantastic weekend there. This 4-Diamond Chicago Boutique Hotel, is perched in the center of Chicago’s stunning skyline, steps from the Chicago River.  I love curling up in this bay window, just watching the beautiful world outside while I enjoy my own comfy and quiet moment inside. Well,…

  • Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Edison‚Äôs Caf√© Bar, Shopping Marathon, Chocolate Trail and Pazzo Taverna
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    Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Edison’s Café Bar, Shopping Marathon, Chocolate Trail and Pazzo Taverna

    This is the 3rd post about my recent weekend girlfriends trip to Stratford Canada. You can read the first two here and here for what the fun we had just on Friday. In this post, I will cover the whole day of Saturday. Now when I look back to all the photos, I am surprised at how many activities we have done in just one day! Lol! Our day started at the Edison‚Äôs Caf√© Bar. This whole foods caf√© owned and operated by wife and husband team, Buffy Illingworth and Greg Kuepfer. Remember this is a very popular duo business model in Stratford? Lol! This place offers a mostly plant-based…

  • Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Bentley‚Äôs Lofts, AO Pasta and Little Shop of Horrors
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    Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Bentley’s Lofts, AO Pasta and Little Shop of Horrors

    This is the second post about my weekend girlfriends trip to Stratford, Canada this past weekend. You can read the first part here. After the amazing lunch, cocktail reception and the spa services, we checked into our accommodations: Bentley‚Äôs Lofts. It seems like there are quite a few unique combinations of restaurants plus hotel type of places in Stratford. Bentley’s Lofts is one of them too, a luxurious bi-level loft suites in the heart of downtown Stratford. Downstairs is the restaurant area and upstairs is where the loft is located. There is a king size bed downstairs and another single bed upstairs with a bathroom and closet. It is very spacious…

  • Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Revival House and Illume Wellness Spa
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    Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Revival House and Illume Wellness Spa

    I have always wanted to take a girlfriends trip and this past weekend my dream came true. Thanks for the wonderful Stratford Tourism Alliance, a group of Michigan female bloggers/vloggers and myself were invited to Stratford, Canada for a weekend trip filled with fun, food, shopping and outstanding shows in the theater. You can read this post back to February to know more about all the fabulous ladies with me in this trip. ūüėČ Named for Shakespeare’s birthplace, Stratford has grown to become Canada‚Äôs premier arts town. In addition to the annual Stratford Festival, performing from April through October, Stratford is always filled with theater, music and visual arts. I…

  • What To Wear When Travel To Key West Florida In January
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    See The Would ||What To Wear Travel To Key West Florida In January

    Key West, Florida is probably on everyone’s list of 100 places to visit before you die. lol! What to wear when traveling to key west in January? How to travel light in the winter season to a warm place without packing too much or too little? Read on to find out what I have packed for my 7 day trip recently to Key West, Florida! One of my life goals is to travel every 45 days. Because of this, I love using websites like https://tripideas.org to discover new possibilities. I work very hard in one and a half month then relax hard too for a few days after. We need…

  • See The World || What To Wear To Denver In October
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    See The World || What To Wear To Denver In October

    Last Monday to Thursday, I visited Denver, CO. It was my first time there and I loved it very much. People are so friendly and food was great there too. Someone was joking and said the people there are so happy because the marijuana is league in Colorado. Lol. Anyway, in October the weather in Denver is still quite comfortable. Daytime is quite warm but mornings and evenings got quite chilly. SO layering is the key. I always love to travel light, so I only took a small carry on with me for this 3-night trip. Below is what I wore and some snaps of the trip. Monday: Travel from…

  • See The World || Greece/Santorini Trip Recap
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    See The World || Greece/Santorini Trip Recap

    Santorini has been on my bucket list for many years! This year I finally decided to just make it happen. I chose to go in October because I read it is the off season. So much went into the preparation for this vacation- from renewing my passport, packing, planning the itinerary and looking into sites like e-mietwagenkreta.de to find a rental car to assist me in checking out what this island has to offer. But this all paid off, as everything about this place is amazing. I am not a big fan with millions people around any more. Since I have lived in Shanghai for 9 years, I really enjoy…

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    The Hottest Party of the Summer in Detroit || Best of Detroit 2018

    I hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July activities. Since most people will have some sort of party going on today, it is relevant to talk about the hottest party that I went to this past Friday. Before I tell you more details about this party, I have to introduce you to Hour Detroit. It is a monthly city magazine covering the Metro Detroit area. It features content on restaurants, arts, and entertainment. Also, trends in fashion and decor. Publication began in 1996. Since then, it has become one of the most well-known and respected local magazines in Metro Detroit. Every year it has online voting for the Best…

  • The Global Day of Discovery Dinner at Renaissance Toledo Downtown Hotel
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    The Global Day of Discovery Dinner at Renaissance Toledo Downtown Hotel

    Last Tuesday, 6/5, I was one of the lucky guests invited to this amazing #dayofdiscovery global event held at Renaissance Toledo Downtown Hotel. This was its 7th annual Global Day of Discovery at Renaissance Hotels, part of Marriott International, Inc. This year, four hotels were chosen: Bali, Paris, New York City, and Toledo. Being a Michigander, I’m only about 1.5 hours away from Toledo, Ohio. Yet, I only know very little about Toledo. In fact, I’m familiar with just three aspects of the city: Toledo Zoo, Toledo Mud Hens baseball team, and Tony Packo’s hot dogs. I’m glad I had the chance to visit for #dayofdiscovery because the event opened…

  • See The World || What To Wear To Barcelona In Late March
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    See The World || What To Wear To Barcelona In Late March

    This past March was my first time in Barcelona, Spain. Let’s just put it this way, this was the only city among 14 countries and probably hundreds of cities that I have visited, that I had seriously considered to move to. That is how much I love this city! ūüėČ The blue sky, the crisp air, the palm trees and the ocean. Of course the amazing food and outstanding shopping. Oh, don’t forget the rich history and architectures that you can’t find anywhere else on this earth. Anyway, this post is just about what I have worn to Barcelona in its early spring season. You can also read SEE THE…

  • Stay Vacation At Motor City Casino Hotel In Detroit
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    Staycation At MotorCity Casino Hotel In Detroit

    This post is partnered with MotorCity Casino Hotel. It seems like everyone knows how much I love travel. It might be less obvious that I am partial to the odd gamble here and there. The Jack Casino online is amongst my favorites. Recently I have received the same question many times: “Where are you going next?” Lol! Well, probably a road trip in June to Charleston, SC, August to Tuscany, Italy and Province, France, October to Athens and Santorini, Greece and November will be to LA. But in between those trips, I probably will take some short trips, or staycations just like I did last week at the fabulous MotorCity…

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