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    Behind the Scenes with a Social Media Assistant

    By Lois Pele It was a Monday afternoon this spring when I received a long awaited phone call from the social media influencer, Grace Liang. I was nervous to pick up the phone because I knew I was either going to get a positive response or a negative one. After picking up the phone and hearing the words “You’re hired” I texted my friend right away and told him that I have received the job! Before Grace reached out about her assistant position I was exploring other fields. Since I am currently in nursing school, I was looking for an opportunity in the hospital for the summer time but they…

  • Podcast Interview with She Do
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    Food, Fashion, and Living Colorfully with Blogger Grace Liang

    Happy Friday guys! Today’s post will be quite short in length. I would like to share with you a new podcast interview of me with She Do. It is a 48 minutes podcast interview. In this interview, we have talked about many things that you may think is interesting: 1. How I went from hand-me-downs to fashionista. 2. When I really started taking action to pursue my dream 3. How I gained my followings. 4. What my view is on oversharing on social media 5. How I find balance with choosing sponsors 6. How I found my brand identity 7. The soul searching journey after my late husband passed away…

  • Social Media Influencer 101 || The Pros of Being a Micro Influencers
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    Social Media Influencer 101 || The Pros of Being a Micro Influencers

    This is the second post of the series for Social Media Influencer 101. If you are interested in becoming a Social media influencer, or just in general are curious about how this industry works, this series will help you to understand social media influencer better. I suggest you read the first one Understanding Engagement Rate before you read this one to get a systemic view of it. Since I started to mentor others about how to grow their Instagram account, I have heard the same concern over and over. I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH FOLLOWERS! In today’s social media world, you don’t have to have a million followers to be an…

  • Social Media Influencer 101 || Understanding Engagement Rate
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    Social Media Influencer 101 || Understanding Engagement Rate

    Social media influencers have become one of the hottest jobs nowadays. The most effective social media influencers remember to put link in Instagram bio in order to organize their content for their followers. People often view them as playing, enjoying life while making tons of money. Lol! It for sure seems like that way on the surface. But just like any types of business or job, it requires a lot of hard work. Compared to most of the traditional careers, being a social media influencer definitely has more freedom and is totally self-made. You don’t have to go to collage to do so. So everyone can be a social media…

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