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    They got it right Detroit fashion bloggers

    They got it right Detroit fashion bloggers Are you still following celebrities for fashion and style inspirations? Oh no! If so, you’re already out of date! 😉 In fact, nowadays fashion bloggers are the new cool kids on the block and already are at the leading edge of the trends all over the world. This is my 9th month blogging and I often complained that I am just about the only fashion blogger in Michigan. I felt so lonely! I’d read about Blogger conferences and meet ups in New York, L.A., Miami, London, Outer Mongolia or Iowa or other strange places but not here in the Detroit area. Until about…

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    how to wear a striped dress

    How to wear a striped dress There are a lot of people who don’t like wearing stripes, especially vertical stripes. I love stripes and wear them quite often. But for a petite person like me, there are a few tricks that will help us to pull off this chic look: 1. Pay attention to proportion: For striped dresses, usually an above the knee length is the best for a petite frame. 2. Pick a body friendly cut: A loose, baggy striped dress is a nightmare for a petite person and the whole body will just disappear in that striped bag. Don’t go too far with how tight it is either,…

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    how to style a yellow blazer

    How to style a yellow blazer What color represents spring better than yellow? None! I am wearing this yellow blazer to my training conference today. Because the dress code is business casual, I paired it with a white skinny jeans and flats. If my brain has to work so hard then it is better that my body is a little bit relaxed. 😉 Here my driving story continues… What goes up must come down! So here I was, driving for my first time on a freeway and at freeway speeds too! We were in northern Michigan so I had that going for me. There was no rush hour traffic and…

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