• How to Maintain Workout Routine When Travel in Summer
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    How to Maintain Workout Routine When Travel in Summer

    This post is partnered with adidas, but all opinions are my own. Summer season starts and it marks the busiest travel time for most folks. Kids are out of school, the weather is amazing so there are so many people taking road trips, camping or flying somewhere far to explore the unknown. No matter if you are on the road visiting family, taking a vacation or a business trip, maintaining your regular workout routine can be a challenge! Beach Run You ever said, “I’d love to get in shape, but I travel too much?” That was me before. Any time I had traveled in the past, I abandoned my workouts…

  • How to Get a Stranger to Take Great Photos (of you!)
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    How to Get a Stranger to Take Great Photos (of you!)

    My late husband was my personal photographer. So after he passed away, I had to find whoever that is available to take my photos. I usually plan ahead of time to ask my step-daughter, or a few friends to help me with during the weekends. Then I started my solo travel journey and I realized that my selfie skills are so limited. In order to get some great photos, I have to learn to ask strangers to take photos of me. As you can imagine, it was not easy at the beginning. What if they say no? What if they are bad people? What if they drop my camera and…

  • What To Wear and Pack To A Beach Picnic With Family
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    What To Wear and Pack To A Beach Picnic With Family

    A few weekends ago, my step-daughter, her fiancé and I decided to have a family beach picnic. I haven’t done any beach picnic before. I bought a very cute picnic basket a few months ago that I have never used. So this is the perfect time to try something new. What to Pack: 1. A Picnic Basket I love mine because it came with all the eating utensils, even with a wine opener, glasses, a tablecloth, and napkins. This carry-it-all basket is not just good looking, it is also quite practical. Which I can carry almost all the food here. Mine doesn’t have a cooler lining so we also took…

  • Home Away From Home, Four Seasons Hotel In Houston
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    Home Away from Home, Four Seasons Hotel in Houston

    When I think about Luxury hotels, Four Seasons are always the first ones that come to my mind. A few months ago, I had the chance to stay at the fantastic Four Seasons Hotel in Houston for two nights. This Four Seasons hotel is the luxury 5-star hotel in the heart of downtown Houston. Not only does it feature a relaxing spa and fitness center complete with pools, it’s an amazing location for any social gathering, and includes fine dining options such as authentic Italian cuisine, small plates and the finest wines. It is tucked away in the thriving business district. The Four Seasons Houston Hotel features 404 well-appointed guest…

  • See The World || Shanghai China #2
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    See The World || Shanghai China #2

    This is the second post about Shanghai, you can read the first one here. If you have read the first one, you probably have already seen the modern side of this huge city. In this second post, I want to show you around of the traditional side of Shanghai. Shanghai represents the most populous city in China with a population that reach more than 23 million people. Shanghai as many of the most developed cities in western countries, is divided in two districts by the Huangpu River. The west area is named Puxi (older part of the city) while the east Pudong, (new part of the city) is characterized by…

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    What To Pack When You Travel From a Cold Place to a Warm Place

    For the folks like me who live in a cold region, winter travel can be a bit of a hassle. Especially if you are traveling from a cold place to a warm or hot place. What should you pack? I don’t know about you, I like to travel light, but at the same time still look my best. The key for me is layering and picking multi-functional pieces. Below are some examples to show you what I packed when I traveled from Michigan to Los Angeles and Florida during this last Thanksgiving and New Year. 1. What to wear to the airport. On both trips, when I left Michigan the…

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    Dining like a local at your travel destination

    Dining like a local at your travel destination This is a sponsored post from Detroit Party Bus Company. You will see some of my discoveries of food and drink from my recent Paris trip. I totally agree on “Dining like a local at your travel destination” and enjoy the tips. 🙂 One of the best parts about traveling to new destinations is sampling the food. Whether you’re a fan of experiencing the local restaurants or bustling farmers markets, there’s something to be said about sinking your teeth into the local flavors. There’s no better way to get acquainted with a culture than by eating the food! Not only does food…

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    WiFi Wherever You Travel With Telecom Square Global Hotspot

    WiFi Wherever You Travel With Telecom Square Global Hotspot Hi guys! I am back from Paris in one piece and with many great memories!;) I was really worried before the trip because it was my first international solo trip. I know zero French and my English is not the best either. There is nobody I know in Paris and I didn’t have any company for the trip. It turned out to be one of my favorite vacations because I got so much help from my convenient internet access. On my phone I have several apps that are definitely my heroes when it came to the success of this trip. I…

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    NYFW trip I just want to go home!

    NYFW trip I just want to go home! So, we got to NYFW in February. The flight out was a little tough and the time there was a little freezing but now it was time to go home. We had only been there for 2 nights but that’s all the time I had off work. Well, actually I had Monday and Tuesday off for the President’s Day holiday weekend but I always like to have at least one day to relax before I head back into the office. So we flew out early Saturday morning and had a 5pm return flight on Monday scheduled. My plan was to do a…

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    NYFW Trip-Part 2 Was that a polar bear I just saw in Times Square?

    NYFW Trip-Part 2 Was that a polar bear I just saw in Times Square? Well, we made it to New York’s JFK airport. The flight was noisy, the landing rough and scary but here we were on the ground and looking into the best way to get to our hotel in Manhattan’s Financial District. We knew taxis were expensive and because there was really no day or time that it wasn’t rush hour in the Big Apple, we asked around for some advice. The man who was working at the airport shuttle train suggested taking the “A Train”. He explained this was the express route and we’d be there in…

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    Spring break Cancun resort style outfit tips

    Spring break Cancun resort style outfit tips Yayyyyyy! Today is the last day before my spring break. Now THAT’S something to celebrate, right? Actually, it’s worth a week long celebration. Well, my husband says that I am usually a party pooper, but this time, count me in! And I mean all in for my Cancun trip! 🙂 I am working on packing now and you will see my live report if you follow me on my IG and FB account. 😉 But meanwhile, here is a recap of posts and photos about what to wear for a resort vacation from last year when I was there. Wondering what to wear…

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