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How to wear a houndstooth winter coat—Put some bite on with Houndstooth

Just heard the news about the typhoon in The Philippines. It seems like those poor people go from one natural disaster to the next. When I lived in Shanghai, I met several Filipino performers. Many of the bands at the better hotels, bars and restaurants featured singers from this beautiful country. Everyone I met from there was friendly, upbeat and talented. I hope everybody will be ok.

Houndstooth has a long history in the fashion world. It can be very chic and modern but can be a busy mess if you are not careful.

Choose a classic black and white pattern if you have doubts.
Choose simple cuts, houndstooth by itself already makes a statement. You don’t want it to drown out the rest of your outfit.
Wear it with white or black or jeans. If you would like a modern and sleek look, then pair it with black skinnys.
Use some bold color accessories to give a little bit of a color pop and contrast..

But by all means, rock it!

Please click the pictures to enlarge!!

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