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Hi there. I’m Grace and I welcome you to my blog!

Grace Liang from http://colorandgrace.com

My Mini Bio:

I am a 40+ uptight petite woman.;) Born and raised in China, I struggled with poverty and family abuse for many years. I moved to America for love in 2007. Married to the most amazing man with two step kids, two granddaughters, and two granddogs. After 10 years of being happily married, I lost my husband to cancer. Don’t cry for me, his life is living on with mine. I am living my life to the fullest every day as much as I can. I believe “Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future.” For my day job, I am a full time middle school and high school teacher. Based in Troy, Michigan, United States.

Grace Liang from http://colorandgrace.com

I grew up in northeast China. My hometown was about midway between the borders with the then USSR and North Korea. That means I got the terrible combination of Russian winters and DPRK fashion! This part of China is peppered with blue collar factory cities and rural villages. I lived in both as a child.

Grace Liang from http://colorandgrace.com

My husband grew up in a typical upper middle class American family, nice house with a pool, stay at home mom, 4 kids, 2 dogs, family vacations and color TV. Pretty fortunate…My childhood was filled with hunger, tears and frost bite! We barely held onto a small house with a straw roof and dirt floor. No running water or indoor toilet. I never had a toy, a TV or bike. I had never seen a private car until I was 11 years old when we moved to a small city. I loved sitting on the side of the road just watching cars driving by. Very fascinating!

Grace Liang from http://colorandgrace.com

Most Asian cultures have traditionally valued sons above daughters and my family was no different. I was never coddled as a young girl and often was mistaken for a boy as I would wear my hair short and dress in my older brother’s hand-me-down clothes. So it’s not surprising that no one thought of me as a beauty and that included myself! It really wasn’t until I became an adult and moved (ran?) away to live in the much more modern and glamorous city of Shanghai that I even began to see myself as anything other than plain looking at best. You can read the poem my dear husband has written for me about my early life here. It is all true and I bet is quite different with yours. 😉

graphic tee with fringe skirt
graphic tee with fringe skirt

Then I met my husband who was working in Shanghai for his American employer. He is the first man that ever told me that I am beautiful. I didn’t believe him even though he said that everyday. But I decided to not let him down. I started to learn more about fashion, style and makeup. After a few years, I actually began to see something pretty when I looked in the mirror. My husband honestly loves anything I wear or any way I do my makeup so I have to work to please myself. But I love to make myself feel good, so when I look in the mirror and see a pulled together stylish woman it makes my eyes happy too!

crop top with midi skirt
crop top with midi skirt

Women can do amazing things and prove it every day. We graduate from college, raise families and hold down jobs as well and often better than our male counterparts. I truly believe the old saying that “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.” To me this means that you need to make time to make yourself happy. Living in Shanghai exposed me to fashion in a big way and I’ve wanted to be involved in some way with that world ever since. I enjoy dressing to impress and never tire of hearing my coworkers mention this outfit or that. I love color as you can probably tell by the name of my blog and always try to use that just right accessory to really set off a look.

Grace Liang from http://colorandgrace.com

This is my 3rd year of blogging and I really love it. But my dear husband was fighting with a very rare type of cancer since the beginning of 2016 and he passed away early this year. So this blog also became my outlet to take my mind off of the stress while keeping up my hope for a brighter future. You can read more about living with cancer here and Life After Loss here.

Grace Liang from http://colorandgrace.com

I hope my post can help you find the best in yourself and make you happy! I focus on Over 40s Petite style. My personal style is Elegant, polished and fun. I am only 5 feet (150cm) tall. My bust is 37 inches (94cm), my waist is 30 inches (76cm) and my hips are 37 inches (94cm). I wear size 7.5 shoes. As you can see, I am not the 6 feet tall perfectly figured woman, I have a lot of problems. But I have managed to look the best I can. And you can too!

Grace Liang from http://colorandgrace.com

I know you have lots of choices on how to spend your time and I sincerely thank you so much for choosing to do it with me! Don’t forget to follow me on FaceBook and Twitter for new post updates. And please spend some quality time with my Instagram for all the amazing fashion, beauty and lifestyle products that I will share with you. Of course, don’t forget to check out my Instagram story daily to know me better as a person. Finally I’d LOVE it if you would follow me on YouTube for my fashion, beauty and lifestyle videos.

dream but not sleep tee
dream but not sleep tee

Have a great and colorful day!

Grace Liang from http://colorandgrace.com


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21 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. Thank you so much Dāsha! You certainly made my day! Please come back more for my daily post and keep in touch! Have a great day!

  1. Wow! Your auto-biography is GREAT
    I came across your GREAT blog through Chizzysignature blog where she featured you. I love fashion a great deal but still shy to accept it. You are doing a GREAT job here, i also intend to add you to my blog roll to catch up on fashion trend

    You can check my blog where i talk about interior decor on http://www.homeworthinteriors.com


    1. Thank you so much dear! Chizzy is a friend I made on this blogland. It is why I can’t stop blogging because it is so fun and interesting! I hope to see you around the fashion world soon! 😉

  2. Una biografía tan al día de lo que sucede a las mujeres en el mundo, me alegro que sirva para animar a todas ellas a saber lo que valen. Mi formación y mi vida giró siempre alrededor de la moda, soy una apasionada de la moda y mi profesión está alrededor de ella. La vida es una lucha constante que he tenido que enfrentar siempre sola, por ello me alegro mucho que esta profesión me aportara algo tan importante que tú nombras, que lo importante es sentirte bien con lo que haces y ser feliz. Un besito Grace.

  3. Una biografía tan al día de lo que sucede a las mujeres en el mundo, me alegro que sirva para animar a todas ellas a saber lo que valen. La vida es una lucha constante que he tenido que enfrentar siempre sola, por ello me alegro mucho que esta profesión me aportara algo tan importante que tú nombras, que lo importante es sentirte bien con lo que haces y ser feliz. Un besito Grace.

  4. Grace..I love your blog and you have a beautiful spirit! I am the same as you….a teacher hoping to make a career in the fashion industry….blogging would be great, but I struggle with the techy stuff. So….I am open to just about anything to do with fashion! I love your story, and also love it that us middle age girls can kick style just like the young ones


  5. This is the best “auto biography ” that I have read year!!!! So engaging, so real and so inspiring! Your life is pure Grace as your name implies. Am so happy you finally found yourself and owned your beauty. Your are absolutely beautiful. God bless and be with your husband, I pray fir healing for him🙏🏾

    1. We are just sitting in my husband’s hospital room and I read this to him. He said thank you very much! We are very lucky to have so many nice and supportive friends like you in our lives!

  6. I love how you are completely honest about your story. I have never been to China, but it seems to be country with a large wealth gap. There are many people who live nice lives in places like Shanghai and then people out in villages with no running water … both in the same country. I’m also very sorry about your husband and will look at that post about his cancer.


  7. the first time i visited your website, i perused a bunch of blog posts but for some reason, never visited the about page. It was interesting reading your background, because I’m understanding and connecting to it from both perspectives – from the American (actually North American b/c i’m from Canada!) and also from the Chinese perspective. Your description of the village life and about watching cars go by as leisure time in awe resonated with me as they are the stories i heard all the time from my parents (they are born and raised in rural southern China). I also have visited these regions numerous times with my parents to learn about my roots. Even though I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, my family was very poor for a long time (my grandmother hand made clothes for years and we received hand-me downs from friends up until high school) even though we were in “the land of opportunity”. For this reason, I understand (somewhat) what it’s like to go from such a polarized life in China and then have this big shift in your surroundings and within yourself. It takes a real go-getter to come as far as you have!

    Ps. beyond having a pretty & shiny website, yours has soul – something that I find isn’t always present in blogs <3 love it

  8. This is the first time I have really taken the time out to read someone’s ‘About’ page. The strength of a woman is incredible. Your story is very very inspiring! From your childhood to your journey with your husband. Thank you for sharing as that is not always an easy thing to do. 😌😊

    Ps I love your style!

  9. Grace, I love love love your style and your bio. I’m always so nervous talking about myself, I actually hate it but I’ve enjoyed knowing about you. And I enjoy your fashion too. I grew up in Uganda and most African culture is the same as Asian culture so my story is similar to yours in some ways. Sending you lots of love ❤️❤️❤️

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