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    Life Lessons In Success: Why I Chose My Story

    The book Life Lessons In Success is the result of a desire for 36 individuals to come together and create a guide that would help others achieve success on their own terms. We all felt that the best way to do this was by telling our stories as a way to inspire and guide others to their own version of success. While all of our stories were picked with the same goal in mind, the reasons for sharing our particular story varies. Today, I would like to share with you why I chose my story. My story is about how I used the Law of Attraction to attract a publisher…

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    Living Gracefully: Finding Balance In My Life

    “So, what has death taught me? I think I finally understand how to live in the present and simply enjoy what I have at this moment in my life—a sunny day, my beautiful gardens, a beautiful song, good food, good company and a good time.” – Grace Liang, excerpt from Finding Grace The above excerpt is from my book Finding Grace. You can read more about this realization in my book Finding Grace which is on sale for $17 for all U.S. shipping addresses (shipping fee and tax included if shipped with the US). Click here to buy it now! Hard work is an admired trait in our society. As…

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    Living Gracefully: Finding Joy in the Little Things

    People say Finding Grace is about finding happiness! You can read the whole journey of how I have found my happiness in my book Finding Grace which is on sale for $17 for all U.S. shipping addresses (shipping fee and tax included if shipped with the US). Click here to buy it now! This past Valentines day, my husband and I spent a solid day together. It felt good to slow down and really look into each others’ eyes to say I LOVE YOU! As you may already have noticed, my primary love language is quality time. 😉 What is yours? Anyway, during this quality time we spent together, he…

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    Life Lessons in Success: Meet My Co-Author Angie Dobransky

    One of the best decisions I have ever made was to sign for the one-year Train the Trainer program offered by author, speaker and trainer Jack Canfield. Not only did I learn important principles during this program but I also had the opportunity to work and grow with some amazing individuals. It probably comes as no surprise then that when I learned that some of my Train the Trainer classmates were going to write a book together, I natural jumped at the chance to be a part of it. The name of that book is Life Lessons In Success and today I would like to introduce to you one of…

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    Coming Soon: Life Lessons in Success

    Book One: Finding GraceBook Two: A Widow’s Resilience …and coming soon my third book Life Lessons in Success which will be launching this March! I know crazy, right?! 😉 The path to success can be hard to find. The Life Lessons in Success book creates a breadcrumb trail towards success. I am delighted to announce the upcoming release of my new book Life Lessons in Success which I wrote along with 35 of my fellow success trainers and contains a foreword written by Jack Canfield, #1 New York Times Best Selling Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles. In this book, we share our personal stories…

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    Learning To Love Others The Way God Wants Us To

    Happy Chinese New Year to all of you! No matter whether you celebrate it or not, I am sending my best wishes and good luck your way! I often hear people tell me that I am different. Not just that I look different, speak English with a Chinese accent and eat weird food, Lol! They say that the way I think is different. At the very beginning I hated that I was different; people thought I was weird or stupid unless I was able to speak fluent English in order to share my ideas. Then about 5 years after living in America, I started to enjoy being different and celebrated…

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    Happy Chinese New Year: Remembering My Roots

    A few days ago, one of my kids was joking around and he mentioned that I was a foreigner stepmom. I laughed with him at first and then suddenly realized that I often forget that I am a foreigner. Lol 😉 It has been almost 14 years since I moved to Michigan from China. I’ve been in the U.S. for so long that I sometimes forgot I am a foreigner; but I always remember my Chinese roots. You can read more about my journey of being an Immigrant in my book Finding Grace which is on sale for $17 to all U.S. shipping addresses (shipping fee and tax included if…

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    Coming Soon: A Widow’s Resilience

    I am proud to announce the release of a new anthology book I will be a part of called A Widow’s Resilience. This book contains inspiring stories from women who courageously moved forward after the death of their significant others. It was such an honor to be part of such an amazing project and to learn how other widows were able to heal and transform their lives after loss. A Widow’s Resilience is set to be released soon on Amazon but in the meantime, you can pre-order your copy now at a special pre-sale price by visiting the website www.awidowsresilience.com More details to come soon!

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    What does Finding Grace Mean to You?

    Did you know that the original title of my book was called From Widow to Boss Lady? My publisher suggested that I change it to Finding Grace and I love that I did!! What does the title Finding Grace mean to you? The many people that have read my book have their own different interpretations. Below is my interpretation as an author at this very moment of my life; I am pretty sure it will change accordingly as I keep learning and growing. 😉 Finding Grace is about finding who I am. My book Finding Grace shows the journey of self-discovery. I go from a poor, ugly and useless girl…

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    Women We Love Wednesday Podcast

    Wednesday I had the pleasure of being featured on the Women We Love Wednesday (WWLW) Podcast. The Women We Love Wednesday Podcast highlights local female entrepreneurs and allows them to tell their stories in order to educate and inspire others to live their best life. This podcast was created and is hosted by metro Detroiter and female entrepreneur Alexandria Richey (Sasha). Sasha is also the founder and CEO of Dáma detroit, a female-owned, Detroit based clothing line designed for women on the move. Since episode one, I have been a huge fan of this podcast and was honored to be invited onto the show as a guest. During today’s podcast,…

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    Make Your Goals a Part of Your Everyday Routine

    Sunday was the last day of the first month of 2021. How is the new year going so far for you? Are you still on track with what you planned on doing? Now is a good time to go back to review your progress and adjust accordingly. One thing I have learned in order to reach my goals more often is to make my daily routine a true reflection of my goals (or my priorities). If I don’t plug in what I need to do on a daily basis to reach my goals, then my goals just become nice wishes or dreams. In my book Finding Grace, my goals (or…

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