New Year’s Bowl Games Party Look

2015! We made it! Wednesday is our usual trash day so it was only fitting that we ended 2014 by getting rid of all our rubbish. I like to try to do the same with my personal garbage too. Start the New Year fresh and ready for anything it may bring. So how was our Christmas celebration? You could tell a lot from our recycle bin; it was positively overflowing with folded up Amazon boxes and empty wine bottles! Sure signs of a very successful holiday break! 

Black leather skinny
Black leather skinny

Last night we laughed in the New Year at our local comedy club. We’ve done this a few years now and it’s a great way to count down to midnight. And I’m happy to say that the party is definitely NOT over! A lot of people here in Michigan are getting ready to cheer on the Michigan State Spartans as they take on the Baylor Bears in the Cotton Bowl. But going to a bowl game party doesn’t mean I sit around in my sweats! Fashion never takes a holiday!

leopard print
leopard bag

For today’s activities I wanted to be comfortable but still chic. So I went with my very cool leather skinnies to keep with a trendy and sporty feeling. The great thing about these slacks is they can go with pretty much any type of shoe, including boots when the snow flies. My high heeled pumps help to add height and a touch of sophistication. When going with leather look pants I like to choose a pair with a highlight crease down the center of my leg. It helps to add the illusion of length to my legs and height to me. Close fitting leather apparel can present challenges for us non-models. I’ve found that without a defining type of feature like the crease or a fringe, smooth leather pants can be not enough saucy and too much sausage! My rich chiffon blouse added just the right elegant color. I wasn’t sure what was on the menu for today’s party so I wore the red wine and brought the white!  I layered the flowy chiffon under a light grey sweater featuring leather shoulder patches to tie in with the pants. My large black wool hat capped off the chic and elegant look. Of course I had to keep it fun and speak to my signature color. My leopard print clutch bag and bright lipstick took the words right out of my mouth.

grey sweater
grey sweater featuring leather shoulder patches
wine  blouse
wine chiffon blouse

Hat @Saks 5th Avenue
Sweater jacket, blouse, leather skinny pants, shoes @Nordstrom Rack
Leopard bag @Express

Cheers and Happy 2015!

Time to Earn your New Years Stripes!

I absolutely did NOT see that coming! Really? Today’s the last day of 2014? Wow! This year positively flew by! Lots of changes for me this past year; a new job, a new blog and we just found out on Thanksgiving that our granddaughter is going to be a big sister next year! Yes, I’m a grandmother! And will be again in June. There’s absolutely nothing to make you feel as old as trying to keep up with a sixteen month old toddler on sugar steroids! But all is great. I love my new job and this blog isn’t even a month old yet but really has me pumped up! It’s been a huge blast so far!

New Year outfit 2015
New Year Look

Today’s New Year’s Eve outfit features a cool colorful theme. A more traditional black white combination often has the chic factor going for it but I love a bright color for the New Year. Color really makes my eyes happy. I think it’s a great way to add cheer and beauty as we look into the future. I’ve mentioned my weakness for animal prints recently and have been featuring a few leopard print items. For this look I’ve changed species and went with a very bold zebra print on the mid length flared skirt. This adds that chic touch with the basic black and white pattern. The color comes in big with the rich solid green sweater. Another reliable choice to pair with the B & W of the skirt is red. Both look great and are holiday ready. Maybe because I lived in China most of my life and Jade and Emeralds are treasured for their beauty but I really liked the depth of the green.

New Year outfit 2015

Being petite can add some challenges when choosing a skirt length. I rarely go too long as that makes me look even shorter than I am. Fuller is better when it comes to shape and it really helps to make sure it cinches to really show your waist. I’ve accentuated that area by adding a soft pink belt to act as a contrasting border between the zebra print and the green. My usual highlight of bright was accomplished with a vibrant blue clutch purse with ooohhh shiny chain and matching blue suede heeled pumps. Another tip for us vertically challenged is to avoid booties with a longer skirt as they can look to cut off height. And on New Year’s Eve NO ONE wants to be cut off!

Mid Skirt

green sweater

pearl necklace

blue bag

Green Sweater @TJ Maxx
Necklace @Banana Republic
Zebra Skirt @Express
Shoes @Nordstrom Rack
Purse @Forever 21

Cheers and Happy New Year!

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