Over 40s fashion tips

Size DOES matter!

I will never be confused with a WNBA player. At just a shade over 5 feet tall this can present some problems when I’m shopping for clothes. To find slacks that don’t cover my shoes or skirts that don’t look like a Grandmother would wear I usually head to the store’s Petite section. When assembling my wardrobe I take extra care to make sure my clothes don’t make me look even shorter than I am.

In today’s post you can see that my skirt just covers my knees. And my top fits my form and ends a bit below my waist. That’s another trick for those of us with body shapes more like a clock than an hourglass. When a well fitting blouse flares out for the bottom few inches it accentuates the hips and narrows the waist. Keeping with my love of color I chose a vibrant purple for this piece to work with a clean winter white skirt.

Topped with a large brimmed felt hat and anchored by some tall boots with medium (and comfortable) heels really helps to stretch out the illusion of height. I like to add some stylish animal prints, faux fur or both for a touch of nature and finish with a wine colored purse for my signature splash of color; and why not? Some of my favorite colors are red, white and rosé!


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