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What’s that noise? Sounds like a weekend to me! So I’d better dress for it. And did I ever! Today I’m showing a cool, casual and comfortable look for those two special days you work the other five to enjoy! I started with a long sleeve button down shirt. I’ve mentioned before but it’s worth repeating that a plaid pattern or plain denim are great choices for this useful wardrobe item. They really look great when paired with a colorful sweater. I’ve chosen a pretty purple solid print for today.
Some classic skinny jeans are always a good way to compliment the shirt & sweater combination. If you go with the denim top make sure the shade is different than the jeans. You want to have nice contrast between the pieces. I’ve kept a lid on everything with a warm grey knit hat. The hat has just a touch of pop on it and I’m also wearing an over-sized and over-fun necklace to help bring the bling!
I can either go high end with some rich blue heels and a chain strap wine colored purse or dial it down slightly to a more casual result with some suede booties and a classic black studded leather oversize bag. When the temps drop I ditch the denim in favor of a soft pink cropped faux fur jacket. You can do it too. That’s the great thing about the weekend. They’re not the boss of you!

Necklace, both shirts and boots @Nordstrom Rack
Purse @Coach


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