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How to style a pair of casual pants

Green’s the way the Cookie Crumbles!

It’s that time of year again. At family gatherings, office break rooms, the entrance to your local supermarket and your front door there’s an army of little girls dressed in green selling cookies! It’s almost impossible to say no to all of them so I always try to pace myself by getting a couple boxes of my favorite chocolaty minty snacks from one niece one year and a co-worker’s daughter the next. It doesn’t do a lot to help my diet but I like to support any group run by women! I like to think of it as kookie karma and hope it comes back to me not just as a larger dress size but maybe someday these girls will be reading my posts!

How to style a pair of khaki pants
How to style a pair of khaki pants

On my Saturdays I like to relax and take a break. That doesn’t mean I take a break from fashion though. As we all know, good style never goes on holiday! So my goal is to feel both comfortable but still polished. One of my favorite well worn pair of jeans usually does the job but for today’s outfit I decided to go green. And I don’t mean that I drive an electric car! I never had Girl Scouts when I lived in China so maybe this is my way to get my green on. I started with a very comfortable pair of light green slacks. They are made of soft cotton so that comfort level I was looking for was checked off. The green and tan color family stayed intact with my suede and leather wedge heel booties to make sure the walk was comfortable too.

Loft Khaki pants
Loft Khaki pants

I kept the soft cotton going with a just right for the weekend long sleeved pullover. This shirt is finished with a drawstring hem that acts as an interesting, fun and functional feature. I wanted to turn up the heat a little bit on the style-o-meter and my olive colored long vest comes through as it both keeps me warm and really complements the pants. This piece easily pulls double duty year round as it can be worn in the summer as a cool and comfortable dress. I always earn my color merit badge by adding just the right splash to my outfits and the greens and white were only too happy to share the limelight with my wine color wool hat and oversized purse.

White pull over
White pull over
Wine oversize purse
Wine oversize purse

Wine colored hat @Forever 21
Olive vest @Ann Taylor
White pullover & Green slacks @Loft
Booties @Nordstrom Rack
Purse @Valentina @TJ Maxx
Cheers, Grace!

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