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When I look around my walk in closet even I have to admit that I have a lot of clothes. Never too many but a lot! When I want to make a bit of room for another must have piece I often choose a few items that I’ve fallen out of love with a bit. Maybe they weren’t quite as flattering as I once thought. Maybe they somehow shrunk while on the hanger and are a bit tighter than they used to be when I first bought them! Anyway, my first choice is to take them to a local consignment or resale boutique. At least I might walk away with a little jingle in my pocket. Of course while they are going through your former treasures you have a bit of time to look at what other people have parted with. Every once in a while I use my payout to nab an interesting piece. If I still have a few coins left over it almost seems like they’re paying me to shop! Now that’s the job I’ve been training for my whole life!

Bebe hot pink fringed leather bag
Bebe hot pink fringed leather bag

Surprise! I love colors! Oh, I guess you already knew that. Darned ColorAndGrace blog name always spoils the shock factor. But sometimes even I have occasional difficulty to decide which color goes with what. When that happens, one trick I have is to take a deep breath and look around. I usually try to get inspiration from what’s in front of my own eyes. It may be my room décor, my garden, my closet or a magazine spread. When I spy something that makes my eyes happy I know I have my inspiration and have what I need to build my outfit on. Once the color palette is decided the rest of the look usually falls into place.

Grey jacket
Grey jacket

For today’s outfit I started with the hot pink fringed leather bag that almost jumped off the shelf in my closet. I found this bag at the consignment store when I was outing some old to make room for some new. I love bold rich colors but when you get into the neon range such as hot pink it can be difficult to use. I want to make sure I still look mature and not too sweet. After all, when you see pink it’s hard to not think of bubble gum and cotton candy. So to get me back to the grown up side of the scale I paired it with a short grey wool jacket. The base is clean and crisp white with some cool white skinnies featuring blingy leg zippers that segued nicely into the metal buckles on my strappy tan suede and leather booties. Brown leather gloves echo the bootie color and keep the metal trim on the fluorescent pink bag fingerprint free! I capped it all off with my very cool jeweled ballcap. The whole look keeps the pink of the bag from getting too loud and gives a sophisticated elegant vibe. I’m thinking that whoever got rid of that purse is wishing it back now!

Loft white skinny jeans
Loft white skinny jeans

Hat @Saks 5th Avenue
Coat @ Lord & Taylor
Gloves @TJ Maxx
Purse @Bebe
Pants @Loft
Booties @Nordstrom Rack

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