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If you’ve read my bio page, THANKS! Also you probably saw that when I was younger I would often wind up wearing the hand me down clothes from my older brother. I wore my hair short and was a bit of a tomboy growing up. One of my girlfriends actually had to bring me home to show her parents I was also a girl when rumors reached her home that she was out with some boy! I wasn’t sure if I should be insulted or complimented! Later when I grew up and left my hometown for the bright lights of the big city in Shanghai it opened my eyes to a whole new world of fashion. People and styles from all over the world were there and I started to fall in love with the clothes I was seeing. But I guess old habits die hard so for today’s look I raided my husband’s (much smaller) closet!

Banana Republic men's sweater
Banana Republic men’s sweater

I really like a classic layered look. I also like to stay warm in the winter! So for today’s outfit I borrowed my husband’s oversize (for me) light grey cardigan. I’m a bit smaller than he is (sorry honey!) so when I put this sweater on it becomes my coat. Grey is a sophisticated color and just the sound of it brings to mind boring stodgy business suits. If you’ve read my earlier posts you know I really don’t like the serious business look. If you haven’t read them you should! Go ahead, I’ll wait…

wine leather jeans
wine leather jeans

OK, welcome back! Anyway, I like to dress for success but to me that doesn’t necessarily mean traditional office wear. To pop the cork on a bit of fun I paired the grey of the sweater with wine color leather pants. Grey always looks softer and friendlier when paired with pink so when I found this cool infinity scarf featuring this combo I knew I scored a winner. It also has some white highlights so was a no brainer for blending with my soft wool white sweater. This sweater has an irregular “V” shaped hem that adds interest and texture. Finding that essential 3rd color was as easy as 1, 2, 3 when I accessorized while keeping it all in the brown color family. My rich and warm orange wool hat effortlessly bounced off my tan and cream leather purse, two tone brown and tan gloves and tan belted leather booties. All in all, this outfit really means business. And if my husband behaves himself I just may let him borrow his sweater sometime!

Nordstrom Rack brown  booties
Nordstrom Rack brown booties
Pink Infinity scarf
Pink Infinity scarf
Leather purse @Michael Kors
Leather purse @Michael Kors
Leather gloves @TJ Maxx
Leather gloves @TJ Maxx

Wool hat @Saks 5th Avenue
Sunnies @Fendi
Infinity scarf, wine leather pants & Leather gloves @TJ Maxx
Men’s Grey cardigan @Banana Republic
White sweater & Leather booties @Nordstrom Rack
Leather purse @Michael Kors

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