Happy Birthday to Me!

What was your best birthday memory?

Mine was on this day exactly 10 years ago. ? ?In China, most adults don’t really celebrate their birthday until maybe they are more than 60 years old. I was quite surprised at how crazy people in America go for birthdays. Even little kids have huge parties and piles of gifts. When I was growing up, your birthday was pretty much just another day. There were no parties, no cake, no candles and no gifts. The best birthday memory I have from childhood is when my mom cooked two hard boiled eggs for me. For a family that was lacking food, eggs were absolutely the best things that we could imagine. The high school I went to was far from my home so I stayed there in the dorms. It was hard for my family to come visit so I often spent my birthday by myself. Eventually my birthday became a painful day for me. I would have loved my family and friends to remember this special day and do something. But more often than not it was just another day, except with a more disappointing ending than usual. I pretty much learned to not think about this day any more. ? ?


But then I met a foreign man who gave me the first real birthday party in my life. We had met about 10 months before and by the time my birthday was getting closer we had become a pretty serious couple. He had heard that I never had a birthday party and decided it was time to change that. The day we met I was with my best friend, so my boyfriend thought he would contact her to try to help with the surprise. As I said, the Chinese didn’t usually make a big deal out of birthdays and we really weren’t all that familiar with the idea of a surprise party. My boyfriend was hoping to get the whole party together at one of our favorite Shanghai restaurants without me knowing anything. But my friend decided that if the party was for me, I should be the first one to know. So she told me! My boyfriend is now my husband and he’s also still a bit mad at my friend; 10 years later! But I didn’t really care about the surprise. I was just so happy that he had tried to do it. He had contacted my friends and some other people that we had met together and arranged for them to all meet for dinner and birthday cake. And I even got a few presents! I got to play all the normal party games like the truth or dare questions on Pluc, charades, etc. It really made me feel I was loved and special!


Of course, now that I’ve been in America we always celebrate my birthday. Maybe not with a party but having a nice dinner with my family every year is wonderful! My first birthday here my stepdaughter even secretly baked a birthday cake with my name on it! Nobody had ever done anything like that for me! It really made me feel that I am important to someone. And I’m happy to say that 9 years after his plan failed, my husband finally pulled off the big surprise party he wanted for me on my birthday last year! And that’s just one of the reasons this foreign man became my dear husband. So now when they ask me what’s on my birthday gift list, I can honestly say that I already got everything I want. But, just to make sure I don’t hurt their feelings, I still give them some suggestions!

My Arm Charms bracelet
My Arm Charms bracelet

So, since it’s my birthday, I’m taking a day off from using my own pictures. And starting today I’m going to change up my Wednesday posts a bit. I’ll be sharing the top picks of current fashion trends, past week’s fashion news and pictures that grabbed my attention. I’m always hoping to have a dialogue with my readers and hope these picks of the week can get some comments going. Please let me know what you think. Do you agree or not? What did you see that made you stop and take another look? Thanks so much again for going on this crazy ride with me and now if you’ll excuse me, I have some candles to blow out!

We are going to Cancun for my Spring break vacation soon, so my first Weekly Fashion Picks will be about a beach vacation:

1. Wink Pink Shift Dress: $49.00 Take 17% Off Sitwide with the code LUCKY

This fun dress is loose enough to hide all the extra pounds we gain during vacation. And the color is so Springtime and girly, It is a perfect conversation piece.

Wink Pink Shift Dress


This classic pattern always reminds me of the beach and ocean.


3. Chevron Bow Back Strapless Maxi: $30.99 Take 17% Off Sitwide with the code LUCKY

A chic maxi dress is a must have for a trip to the beach.

Chevron Bow Back Strapless Maxi

4. Sealed with a Kiss Clutch: $50.00 Take 17% Off Sitwide with the code LUCKY

This will be another eye catching statement piece when you go out for a romantic dinner.

Sealed with a kiss cluch

5. Sasha Tusk Pendant Necklace: $24.00 Take 17% Off Sitwide with the code LUCKY

This delicate necklace with it’s beach vacation color and chic city vibe is a great combination to wear with your vacation T shirt or dress.

Sasha Tusk Pendant necklace

6. Nora Beaded Statement Necklace: $27.00 Take 17% Off Sitwide with the code LUCKY

This necklace can be your statement piece for your maxi dress or also go along with your simple beach cover.

Nora Beaded Statement Necklace

7. Coastal Stone Necklace: $22.00 Take 17% Off Sitwide with the code LUCKY

I love the small fun starfish design to add the perfect pop of color for your T shirt and shorts outfit.

Coastal Stone Necklace

8. Annabell: $9.99 There will be a giveaway from My Arm Charms starts on 3/16 and ends on 3/30. Don’t forget to check it out later!

This bracelet can go with any sporty casual outfit for that jog down the beach.


9. Beach Shimmer: $11.99 There will be a giveaway from My Arm Charms starts on 3/16 and ends on 3/30. Don’t forget to check it out later!

Beach Shimmer

This beach themed statement bracelet adds a sophisticated look to any outfit.

10. Bonita: $9.99 There will be a giveaway from My Arm Charms starts on 3/16 and ends on 3/30. Don’t forget to check it out later!


This versatile bangle looks great on it’s own or mixed in with an arm full of bling to complement your vacation wardrobe.

These are my picks. I really hope to hear about yours! Please let me know what you like, and don’t!



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    • gliang

      So happy to see you here again Indre! Thank you so much! I am the luckiest person to live my life like now. So I am very happy with what I got. 🙂

  • Nicole

    Hi! I hope you have a happy birthday. I love your kind comments to me on Google Plus, ( I wish you the best after all you have been through!

  • Rachel

    Hey Grace, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Aw that is sweet of your hubby, step daughter and friends to make you feel so loved. I am sorry growing up you had no Birthday celebration, I imagine it was so rough.
    Rachel xo
    Garay Treasures

  • Josie Guerra

    Hi Grace,
    I always enjoy reading your stories and can imagine how you felt. I grew up in a religious family where celebrating birthdays was not allowed ever. By 16 years old I was on my own, one day when I turned 18 years old I decided to finally celebrate my birthday by baking a cake with candles and all. I remember how great that felt. We all have our traditions but celebrating a birthday is always a celebration of life…so here’s to you Grace…have the most perfect day ever! Happy birthday!!!

    • gliang

      My birthday is a little bit different this year. Since I have my blog and got a lot of followers. Today I received a lot of comments and messages. But yours is one of the most touching ones. I always tell myself that I am so lucky to have you guys in my life! Thank you so much Josie!

  • Cheri

    *****HAPPY BIRTHDAY*****

    Wishing You Many, Many, Many Loving, Healthy, Happy and Prosperous Returns With Your Loving Family! 🙂 (make that belated … sorry)

    I Never had to go without but my Family didn’t have much to spend on Birthdays! The one thing that we always had was an Abundance of Love! So I can really relate to the boiled eggs your Mother saved for you! 🙂

    Thrilled you’re Happy Now and can Celebrate with those that Love you! No other Gift can ever Compare with that! 🙂

    Enjoy! 🙂

    • gliang

      Well said Cheri! I already have everything that I care about so I am very happy to just spent time with my family together last night. Since the blog started 3 month ago, I have been super busy. Now I am trying to balance my life a little better everyday to focus on my family and my health more. 😉

  • Ada

    Happy Birthday to you beautiful Grace. I agree, people go ga-ga over birthdays in US. In Albania (where I currently live) it is more of a big deal for kids or milestone birthdays like 25, 30, 40 and so on. I adore that first outfit with the hat, sheath dress and gorgeous leopard booties.

    P.S. How do I follow your blog? Let me know.

    Hope you had a fantastic birthday! <3 Ada.

    • gliang

      Thank you so much! I agree with you! But I do love gifts! 😉 I already followed you on Bloglovin so we can communicate there too. Have a great day!

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