Ripped boyfriend jeans outfit

I styled a post here about how-to-wear-ripped-jeans-without-looking-trashy and now here is another.

Ripped boyfriend jeans outfit
Ripped boyfriend jeans outfit

Here is my driving story again!

On the road again!

Ripped boyfriend jeans outfit
Ripped boyfriend jeans outfit

Wow, where were we? Here I was posting about my experiences while learning to drive and then I got sidetracked. But it was a great detour! My husband and I went to Cancun, Mexico for our spring break vacation. You probably know that already if you’ve been a regular reader. And I have heard from a lot of you who were wondering if I would ever get back to the driving stories! Well today’s the day! So, to review, I had never driven a car my entire life in China. But after I moved to the USA to be with my future husband, this was no longer an option. At least in the part of America I had moved to. My husband worked in the automotive industry as an engineer. That’s what he was doing in China when we met. And that also meant that we were living in the Detroit area. After all it wasn’t known as The Motor City for nothing. The headquarters of Ford, GM and Chrysler were all in this area. He works for a supplier but they all have offices near the Big 3 customers. Anyway this whole part of the country relies on you buying a car to keep them working so there’s not much of what you would call public transportation available. Adding a bit of complication to my lessons was the fact that the only car we had was with a manual shifter. Up until now most of my lessons had been in the very small town we lived in or the nearby countryside.

Ripped boyfriend jeans outfit
Ripped boyfriend jeans outfit

But now we were on our way to northern Michigan or “Up North” as everyone around here calls it. My husband’s parents lived in an even smaller town about 200 miles away. The route was about 90% Interstate Highways. These roads are a great way to cover large distances in pretty short times mostly because people who use them drive FAST! I hadn’t been behind the wheel on one of these freeways yet and wasn’t real comfortable going much above 45 miles per hour. The speed limit on the Interstates in Michigan is generally 70mph but most drivers seem to just take that as a suggestion. The left lane is called the passing lane but it’s more accurately known as the fast lane. If you pull into this lane and you’re only driving 70mph there’s a very good chance you’ll either get a huge SUV or pickup trucks front grille filling your rearview mirror or at the least they will wave at you with a very special one finger salute! Once we got a couple hours into our 4 hour drive we stopped at one of the freeway rest areas to take a quick bathroom break. But when I returned to our little car I found my husband sitting in MY seat. He thought this would be a great opportunity for me to get my first freeway experience. I guess it did make a bit of sense since we had gotten pretty far from most of the bad traffic areas.

Ripped boyfriend jeans outfit
Ripped boyfriend jeans outfit

That didn’t really help much though as when I was getting up to merging speed there was a huge truck with about 50 wheels blasting down the freeway and having no intention of moving over so I could get onto the road. Luckily he was going so fast he was pretty much already over the next hill before I was able to get over into the right side or “slow” lane. This was my welcome to the high speed fun of the Interstate Highway system! My assignment for this lesson was to drive at least pretty close to the 70mph speed limit to the next rest area. They space these roadside bathroom and picnic places about every 40 or 50 miles in Michigan so at freeway speeds that meant I only had to drive for a little over half an hour. After the excitement of the crazy truck when I was just getting started things actually got pretty calm. The freeways are built for high speeds. That means there are very few sharp corners or crazy hills. There are not traffic lights or stop signs or cross streets. When you’re driving a car with a manual shifter this is good news! I had been having my biggest problems when I was starting from a stop sign or light when I was on a hill. But there was none of this on the freeways. So after I shifted through the gears up to the 5th gear all I had to do was keep the car in my lane and make sure I wasn’t going to run into anyone driving slower than me. I guessed that there wouldn’t be many people on this road that I would be driving faster than! As usual, I guessed wrong! Come back next time to find out why!

Ripped boyfriend jeans outfit
Ripped boyfriend jeans outfit
Ripped boyfriend jeans outfit
Ripped boyfriend jeans outfit
Ripped boyfriend jeans outfit
Ripped boyfriend jeans outfit


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  1. Josie Guerra

    Grace I need to learn to upload pics so I can show you my attempts to go for it and learn from your style. Thanks for thinking outside the box and making distressed jeans look this cool! One of my favorite outfits thus far! You look AMAZING!

    (You learned to drive a manual vehicle? WOW!!)

  2. Josie Guerra

    By the way Grace when I say WOW….it has a positive meanings such as…
    W=woman of wonderful abilitities
    O=outstanding body of work & style
    W=way as in move out of my way because I’m
    doing amazing things

    Your fashion blog ROCK’S!!

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