Life after loss—The signs of him

Two days ago was the one month anniversary of my man passing away. I was quite busy that day and I tried not to think too much. When I pulled up to my friend’s driveway for dinner, I suddenly heard a new song and I just sat there and listened to it for a full 3 minutes. It is from the band called “Train.” It is the first pop music band my husband ever loved. He was an old time rock and roll guy for many years. The song is called “You Better Believe” and a few lines are below.

Life after loss---The signs of him

You better believe, you better believe
Like my father said to me
“Just give it some time, look for a sign
And you’ll be just fine”

They say that nothing lasts forever
They say that good times fade away
And I know, I know that sometimes it ain’t easy
But I know you’ll be okay

One day I’ll see you in the future
You’ll have a family of your own
I will be there, I will be there to be your teacher
You better believe, you better believe you’re not alone

Life after loss---The signs of him

I was smiling and crying at the same time when I was listening to this song. I know it was my man talking to me.

Do you believe even after death your loved one lives on? I have started to believe it.

Life after loss---The signs of him

One day I was sitting on my couch and searching through Neflix. My music was still playing on the Echo. I suddenly thought about my man and wondered how he was doing. Then I heard the lyric “I am all right. I am all right.” Perfect! Thank you so much honey for answering my questions!

Life after loss---The signs of him

Then another night, I finished my delicious Chinese leftovers for dinner And I was cleaning up in the kitchen. Some upbeat music started and I just couldn’t help but to start dancing. Suddenly I noticed my dining room chandelier flickered a few times. I know my man must be very happy to see me dancing again and he probably was even dancing with me. We are both pretty bad at dancing but we did enjoy it together all the time.

Life after loss---The signs of him

I asked him to come to me in my dreams, and he did. I saw him and my deceased grandpa walk in at the same time. I told him I miss him so much. And he said “I miss you so much too!” So I asked him “Can you visit me more often?” He answered “Yes, but not in the mornings.” I was like “Why? Are you working in the mornings?” I was laughing with his answer and I woke up. Darn!

Life after loss---The signs of him

A few weeks ago, I was at my co-workers’s house. We had a ladies night out that day. She has two super cute cats. One is just like the Garfield cat in the cartoon movie. She said both of them are anti-social. They have never been close to anybody other than her. But Garfield kept walking around me, and then he finally made it to my lap. Everybody was so surprised to see him choosing me and just sat there letting me pet him the whole evening. Everybody said I should adopt a cat. But somehow I felt that was my man coming to spend some time with me.

Life after loss---The signs of him

Life after loss---The signs of him

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Photo credits: Ashley Buck.

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