Life After Loss – Carrying on My Husband’s Legacy

My husband is just a simple guy who simply enjoyed his life very much. He didn’t have any big ambitions or dreams. He just wanted to make every day a happy day.

Life After Loss - Carrying on My Husband's Legacy

He loved food very much, not just eating. He LOVED cooking too. Especially BBQ in our backyard. He literally BBQed all year round, even in the winter. He was a charcoal guy. He had the whole system down, from the charcoal starter to the beer BBQ method. He even convinced a few of his friends and co-workers to switch to charcoal. He used his BBQing methods to present on for his expert meeting at work. And yes, even after many years now, his co-workers still remember this presentation from him.

Life After Loss - Carrying on My Husband's Legacy

He also loved to make people laugh. I am pretty sure when he was young he was a class clown. 😉 There are many types of humor people have, some are cruel, some are stupid, and some are dry humor. His was always very smart and harmless. He can easily break any serious or tense situation with his humor. Many of his co-workers have told me that they really miss his quick wit.

Life After Loss - Carrying on My Husband's Legacy

Overall, my man was the guy with a general love for life. This is the biggest legacy I got from him. I tend to worry a lot, but after the many years we were together, I think I started to see a difference in my own beliefs and behavior. It doesn’t matter what happens, always eat well and sleep well, because most likely we will still have tomorrow to start it over again. There is really nothing that can be that big of deal most of the time.

Life After Loss - Carrying on My Husband's Legacy

Now it has been more than one month since my man passed away. I have been doing pretty well taking care of myself. I cut my morning fruit the night before and cook breakfast for myself every morning. I never skip any meal because I can hear my man’s voice in my head yelling at me. 😉 I try to let my humor out more, but it still needs a LOT of practice. I may never be a smarty pants like him, but at least I have loosened up quite bit. It is not very easy for an uptight Asian woman. 😉

Life After Loss - Carrying on My Husband's Legacy

It is up to us to live up to the legacy that was left for us. It is the only way I know to honor my husband and carry on his life.

Life After Loss - Carrying on My Husband's Legacy

Photo credits: Ashley Buck.

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  1. It is wonderful you honor your husband’s memory with your series of posts, and keep his legacy alive. It is probably also an important part of your grieving, being able to reflect on his influence. I’m sure there are people out there who’ve lost loved-ones and can find consolation following your journey, too. Too often we are just expected to do our grieving in private, even though it’s a normal part of life and something we all go through sooner or later.

  2. This was such a beautiful post and a marvellous way to remember your husband. I can only add that you were truly blessed to have someone like that in your life, even if he had an early departure… Hugs.

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