Life After Loss Live Your Life Wide Open

The first time saw the catchphrase “Live your life wide open” for the Buick Cascada, I couldn’t help but smile. It is such a positive and confident attitude towards life. You may remember, I talked about how I feel like my husband is still living through my body, my eyes and my heart, to feel this world and continue enjoying our lives together. So for me, I feel I still have a responsibility to make sure we do all the things on our bucket list, for us. For instance, I rode in a helicopter without doors on my vacation in Hawaii. It was scary, but it was so much fun. I don’t know how to swim and I am afraid of water, but I went snorkeling. I saw a big sea turtle and many beautiful fish. I like this “no door” philosophy now and it has opened my eyes to a much wider world.

Life after loss live your life wide open

The day before our Spring break, one of my co-workers told me: “Enjoy your vacation and you will meet great people”. He was so right. I met many amazing people during my Hawaii trip and everyone taught me some life lessons.

If you read my previous posts, you may already know that my first flight was late so I missed my connecting flight at LAX. When I was running around between two terminals to find my gate, there was a lady who came to me and told me: “Don’t worry, I will help you find your gate.” She was pulling her own carry-on but still ran with me and tried to calm me down. 😉 When we finally got to the gate, the airplane was still there, but the gate was closed. She argued with the staff on my behalf, telling them that she witnessed how hard I tried to make it and they should reopen the gate to let me in. I didn’t get in to my plane, but I was so touched by how an absolute stranger would go through that much trouble to help me.

Life after loss live your life wide open

There was another lady that missed the same flight, just like me. We were both on standby and decided to hang out together. We went to a bar at the airport, had some cocktails and talked about life. Time goes super fast when you have someone to talk to. 😉 We fought so hard to get on a standby flight, but no luck again. She talked me into flying to Vegas with her and then on to Honolulu. We were both upset and tired, so we went to a different bar and continued our conversation, followed by more heart to heart talking, and finally we landed in Vegas. I can’t imagine what my 40 hour trip would have looked like without her company and support. She left Honolulu one day before me and she sent me a message “I am sitting in LAX now and waiting for my second flight. It seems like I will not miss it this time.”

I booked a lot of tours when I was in Hawaii. During the Big Island tour, I met an older widow from Australia. Her husband passed away 8 months ago and she was going on this trip for him too. She is a such nice person but she seemed so lonely all the time. I talked to her quite often, but I didn’t have the ability to make her smile. It broke my heart when I saw her sitting among all the young kids at the airport. She just seemed so lost. She made me realize that my tough time is not really that bad. I can’t imagine what would happen if I lost my man at her age. Would I be able to be happy and enjoy myself ever again?

Life after loss live your life wide open

I usually sat by myself on the tour buses, but there was a young girl who asked me if she could sit next to me when we were on the way to a Luau. So we talked. She is a senior college student from Florida, majoring in journalism. She is also a travel blogger! She showed me some breath taking photos she took early that morning when she and some friends she met on the trip illegally climbed a mountain to watch the sun rise. She told me how dangerous that hike was, but how rewarding the views were. She will be traveling more in a few months because she got an intern position in Spain……She reminded me of when I was young, so brave and you don’t mind taking risks. It seemed like the whole world belonged to me to explore and to conquer back then. It is still not too late, right? 😉

At the luau, I sat across from a young girl on a big long table. We started talking and she introduced me to her brother who sat next to her. My husband still often comes up in my conversations with whoever I’m talking to. I just naturally remember what he once said or did. Anyway, I don’t remember how but I mentioned my husband when I was talking to the girl, Rebekah. So she asked me “Where is your husband?” I instantly teared up and told her about my man. During the luau, the host asked all the honeymooners, who were celebrating anniversaries to come to the stage. There were a few couples celebrating 50 years marriage. The host was very good with words, and the music was very touching, so I just cried in the dark by myself. My husband and I planned to be together for at least 30 or 40 years due to our difference in age. My man had tried so hard to stay with me longer. Rebekah and her brother, David, were standing at the back of the crowd so they could see better. I felt somebody pat my back. It was Rebekah asking “Are you ok?” “Do you want to go to the back with us?” It felt so good to know, even in a strange place, there is someone who cared about me.

Life after loss live your life wide open

On the way back to our hotels, Rebekah and I sat together and we talked a lot. Before we said good-bye, she invited me to have brunch with them a day later. I went and we had a great time. She asked if I would like to join them to see the sunset on the beach that evening. Why not? So I hung out with them again and then we found a rooftop bar next to the beach. We sat there drinking, talking and listening to the island music. They are such nice people with warm hearts. I loved to listen to their stories and was especially impressed by a sentence that Rebekah said: “There are a lot of girls who just can’t live alone. So they feel they need a man.” You see? I like to hangout with wise people so I can learn from them.

Later we found out we were on the same plane back to LA so we hung out again the last day. We went to the flea market and then just strolled on the streets to enjoy the wonderful Hawaii weather and views before we left. Now, we still talk to eachother. Rebekah and I are seriously thinking about taking a trip together in the future. 😉

Live your life wide open so you can meet great people, try new things and grow wiser!

Life after loss live your life wide open

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