My True Identity With My Heritage DNA

I have never met my dad’s parents since they both passed away before I was born. The only grandparents I had were from my mom’s side. I heard some of their stories, but we didn’t even have any photos of them. So seriously, there is not much of a history left for me to discover.

My True Identity With My Heritage DNA

When I was young, I often got picked on because my nose is bigger and fuller than most Chinese people. Even my aunts (my mom’s sisters) would tease me by saying “the big nose is the ugly” and that it runs in my dad’s family. Sure enough, all of my dad’s sisters and brothers have the same type of nose. Many years later, I started to hear people say they like my nose because it is tall and straight. What a life lesson I learned from this! At times something can be your flaw, but later it may become your highlight. Lol! I don’t think my nose is the best feature on my face, but I do love having a bridge on my nose to hold my cool sunglasses. Most Chinese have trouble with this and they have to find special designs to wear. šŸ˜‰

My True Identity With My Heritage DNA

Several years ago, my late husband and I loved watching a TV show called Ancestry. If you are not familiar with the show, it is about celebrities discovering their family history and learning more about their family tree. There were a lot of shocking results and it was a great show. My man always wanted to know who he really is and would like to build a family tree. I even gave him an online program to do that as a Christmas gift. But, he never got the chance to do anything with it.

My True Identity With My Heritage DNA

When My Heritage contacted me and asked me if would like to try their service, I thought it may be a great start for me to see the results. If it is easy to use, we may buy more test kits later to test out our families as my man hoped. Of course I am curious whether I have a small percentage of western DNA. I have been guessing that is where I got my western looking nose.

My True Identity With My Heritage DNA

Several weeks ago, I received the kit. It is quite simple to use. Just do a cheek swab (no blood or spit) and it literally only took just 2 minutes. The next step is to mail the swab in to their lab in the provided enclosed envelope, and I received my results online in 4 weeks.

My True Identity With My Heritage DNA

So here are my test results. Drum roll please……

My True Identity With My Heritage DNA

Yay! I am 100% pure Asian! I guess my nose will remain a mystery. šŸ˜‰

Now that you are pumped up, would you like to find out your own heritage? Just go to: and use my personal coupon code MHCOLORANDGRACE to receive free shipping (a $12 US value). Good luck on your journey!

My True Identity With My Heritage DNA

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  1. Grace, this outfit is one of my favorites ever! I absolutely love it! And you have a lovely nose! I have a big Italian nose and when I was young I was always teased by friends for having a big nose. They would often say things like “Michelle NOSE best.” Eventually my face filled out and grew into my nose so it doesn’t appear as giant anymore! Ah well. More accurately stated, “Michelle nose she doesn’t really care what people think of her nose!” Ha. I have recently been using 23 and Me for ancestry research with my best friend of 30 years and we have discovered what we always suspected…that we are indeed distant cousins with ancestors coming from nearby villages in Austria-Hungary. And I am 99.8% European and 0.2% East Asian! How interesting is that! Thanks for sharing your ancestry story!


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