Radiant Skin and Responsible Skin Care From Amala

The older I get, the more questions I receive about how I keep my skin looking 10 years younger. Are there any secrets? Not really, it is just like everything else I do. There are no short cuts and it is plain hardwork. I try many new products ) and I USE a lot of products every morning and evening, so my skin care routine is much longer than most women. 😉

Radiant Skin And Responsible Skin Care From Amala

I am 43 years old and I believe even if you’ve passed 40, you can still turn back the clock on your skin and actually undo signs of damage. It’s like getting your body into shape: Just because you haven’t exercised before doesn’t mean you can’t start now and see great results. With the help of the right products and making the daily effort of using them, you will see results in one or two months. Sometimes it can even be in as little as one week.

Radiant Skin And Responsible Skin Care From Amala

Recently I added 3 powerful products from Amala ‘s Rejuvenate collection into my daily skin care routine to fight harder for my anti-aging game.

Radiant Skin And Responsible Skin Care From Amala

1. Rejuvenate Advanced Firming Concentrate:

Face serums are like lingerie: Wearing the right inner layer can transform how you look on the outside. If you don’t use a serum now, you should. Most contain effective anti-aging serum with vitamin c ingredients are not typically found in moisturizers, or facial oils. I use a different serum before I use this concentrate. You are reading it right, I use TWO serums everyday. Call me crazy but look at my skin and you will understand how much it has benefited from team serums.

Radiant Skin And Responsible Skin Care From Amala

This Advanced Firming Concentrate is a powerful Vitamin C serum. It is Amala’s first product to achieve significant firming and anti-wrinkle benefits in just 1 week. The key plant? Certified Organic Cocoa Beans from the Amazon. Cocoa Bean is known for its unique ability to stimulate cell renewal, promote microcirculation and help repair skin’s moisture barrier. I applied this before the Advanced Firming Complex cream, a booster that imparts unrivaled anti-aging benefits. Below are some results I have seen in just one week.

Radiant Skin And Responsible Skin Care From Amala

A. Instantly, skin feels refreshed, refined and renewed. I noticed my skin is more even and has a more uniform tone after I apply it.
B. The dullness of my skin is reduced and my skin looks brighter and more radiant.
C. I can feel the increased hydration when I touch my skin, it is soft and smooth.

Radiant Skin And Responsible Skin Care From Amala

2. Rejuvenate Advanced Firming Complex

I use this as an additional moisturizer to help me recover from a lot of sun damage from this past summer. My skin was drier than previous years, but after adding this rich moisturizer, I noticed my skin has been quickly getting back to normal not long after I started to use it. I like things that really work. 😉

Radiant Skin And Responsible Skin Care From Amala

3. Rejuvenating Eye Cream

Eyes are the first area to show signs of aging, so I use eye serum and eye cream together. I have always had a problem with eye cream – I can’t really see much results since I don’t have many lines or winkles yet. I guess as long as this serum delays those fine lines from appearing, then it means it is working. 😉

Radiant Skin And Responsible Skin Care From Amala

After several years of being a fashion and beauty blogger, I have had the chance to try so many products. I do believe the right product can reverse damage and make all the difference allowing you to look younger, or at least look ageless. I can honestly recommend these products for you. Especially this Rejuvenate Advanced Firming Concentrate. They are quite pricy, but after you’re in your 40s, you should not even believe products under $30 can have enough power to turn back the clock. You pay for what you get.

Radiant Skin And Responsible Skin Care From Amala

I recommend Amala skincare also because this brand enhances natural beauty by embracing the individual and benefiting the world. Nature gives us everything we need to look and feel beautiful. They use high potency organic plants from global fair trade farmers. Each plant ingredient is grown organically and sustainably in its native habitat to ensure peak potency.

Radiant Skin And Responsible Skin Care From Amala

I love radiant skin, but I also love to maintain a responsible skincare routine by using earth friendly products as well. 🙂

Radiant Skin And Responsible Skin Care From Amala


Photo credit: Grace Liang/Jeff Decker

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