#Charmbassador—The Face of Charming Charlie’s Winter Campaign

A #Charmbassador is a woman who feels confident in her own skin and empowers other women to feel the same. She lives in color, loves to have fun, and shines from the inside out. It sounds just like me, right? LOL! And IT IS ME!!! I was the lucky one to be chosen as Charming Charlie‘s Winter Ambassador!

#Charmbassador---The Face of Charming Charlie's Winter Campaign

If you have been following me on my Instagram, you have probably already seen some behind the scene activities from my wonderful trip to LA for this new title last week. I was there for a photoshoot and those photos will appear in Charming Charlie’s Winter campaign. They will also be featured online and in-store, plus across all Charming Charlie social channels. I also will star in a video on Charming Charlie’s Youtube channel, website, and social media outlets!!! I still can’t believe it and I also can’t wait to see all of them in January, 2018.

#Charmbassador---The Face of Charming Charlie's Winter Campaign

Many years ago, when I first discovered our local Charming Charlie store, I was like a mouse who fell into the rice jar. Well, that is just a common saying in China to show how exited and satisfied someone is. By the way, Chinese mice love rice, not cheese, just simply because cheese is not a common ingredient in China. šŸ˜‰ Anyway, I think you got what I am trying to say. I was doing the happy dance in the store and I was pretty sure my eyes were sparkling as well! If you know me, you should understand how much I appreacite bold colors and fun designs. Charming Charlie is for sure a brand who knows how to make my eyes happy!

#Charmbassador---The Face of Charming Charlie's Winter Campaign

My late husband was there with me that day and he said “You and this brand are the perfect fit!” It is so true, because we both are crazy about colors. But at that time, I had just started blogging and there was nobody actually reading my blog, and of course, there were no brands working with me either. I was just day dreaming that some day I would have a chance to work with this fun brand.

#Charmbassador---The Face of Charming Charlie's Winter Campaign

Then a couple years later, they finally reached out to me and we started the journey. Now, this #Charmbassador title seriously feels like more than a dream come true for me!! My trip to LA to work with Charming Charlie was such a blast! Everyone is super nice and sweet. It made me instantly feel at home and we just laughed through the whole photo shoot and video filming.

#Charmbassador---The Face of Charming Charlie's Winter Campaign

I am very lucky to be chosen as the face of Charming Charlie’s Winter Campaign and I am forever grateful to be the #Charmbassador! There were many young and more beautiful ladies who had entered the contest, but Charming Charlie picked me, an over 40s immigrant woman. That shows this brand cares about real people! Just like their mission statement says “Help every woman, everywhere, find her fabulous,ā€ I certainly found mine! Thank you so much Charming Charlie!!!

#Charmbassador---The Face of Charming Charlie's Winter Campaign

Just in case if you are not very familiar with Charming Charlie, here is a little info about this fun brand. Charming Charlie, the award-winning fashion accessories retailer, is a one-of-a-kind source of style that’s been helping women find their fabulous since 2004. Their uniquely designed in-store experience features a breath-taking volume and variety of accessories, ingeniously arranged by color, making that perfect accent fun and easy to find. With more than 350 stores in the United States stocked full of the all latest trends, Charming Charlie is spreading style from coast to coast with fabulous, affordable fashions and insider style advice that has women coming back again and again.

#Charmbassador---The Face of Charming Charlie's Winter Campaign


Photo credit: Grace Liang/Ashley Buck/Jeff Deckor

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