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One thing I noticed after I turned 40 a few years ago, was I have been wearing fewer and fewer sky-high heels compared to when I was younger. Comfort became more and more important to me. So this summer, I was looking for a pair of open toe mules with a low heel to wear with just about everything. Mules have been hot on the trendy list for a few seasons now and this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. I mean, with such a busy life and all the pressures we are facing every day, who wouldn’t love a pair of shoes that look stylish and are easy to slip on and off, especially in the summer?

All Day Fashion||Munro Beth Open Toe Pump Mules At

After some research, I finally found the perfect pair at recently. Mine is called Beth from the brand Munro.

All Day Fashion||Munro Beth Open Toe Pump Mules At

They sounded like they were really great quality and super comfortable. So, I decided to get them to try, knowing that if I didn’t like them, has a super friendly return policy. I mean, the customer service is 24/7 and I have 365 days to return! It is unheard of!

All Day Fashion||Munro Beth Open Toe Pump Mules At

With zero pressure in mind, I ordered them. The best part is I didn’t need to pay any shipping fees because at every customer can get free shipping on any order, no minimum limit!! I seriously love this free shipping feature and they shipped really fast too. Don’t you just love when a service fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle?

All Day Fashion||Munro Beth Open Toe Pump Mules At

When it comes to shoes, I want the look and the comfort. Yes, I want it all! When I was reading the reviews, I noticed that many customers mentioned Munro has the best fitting footwear in the industry for normal, narrow, and wide feet… for women who are on their feet throughout the day. Whether she is at the office, in the classroom, in the home, or anywhere in between – it seems like Munro has the fit for just about everyone (offering up to 75 sizes and widths)! This was the final push for me to order this pair of shoes because I have quite wide feet.

All Day Fashion||Munro Beth Open Toe Pump Mules At

There is another reason I like this brand. It has spanned three generations. Munro is a family-owned and operated company that prides itself on perfecting the craft of producing quality footwear with a consistency of fit. It promotes fashionable foot health, which I hadn’t heard of many brands mentioning. Also, as a small business owner myself, I deeply understand how difficult it is to keep a business lasting that long. They must do something right so the customers keep coming back to them over and over. All this information makes me even more confident with my order.

All Day Fashion||Munro Beth Open Toe Pump Mules At

Quickly, my Beth shoes had arrived. When I first tried them on, they were kinda tight. So I wore them in my house for about a half hour. Since my feet were pretty happy with them, I wore them to do a half day of errands; I went grocery shopping, then met a friend for brunch. I didn’t even notice any discomfort from the shoes, they helped me move through my day pretty effortlessly. So I wore them for a whole day in which I met a client for coffee, shopped for a whole afternoon and later met a friend for dinner. These sandals are comfortable and stylish, and the stretchy fabric really helps when my feet swell a little in the heat and after a whole day walking.

All Day Fashion||Munro Beth Open Toe Pump Mules At

Turns out, Munro is a great shoe brand for casual wear and work, comfortable all day long with sufficient support and the feeling that my feet are snuggly secured in the slides. I have a few other pairs of slides like these, but Beth is the only ones that I feel safe in when I am driving. Other slides have had some slip out scary moments when I was driving. These sandals fit well, and my feet feel like they are being “cradled,” vs. “squished.” I also love the height of the heel. They added just the right amount of height to me without sacrificing comfort. They are very lightweight as well.

All Day Fashion||Munro Beth Open Toe Pump Mules At

After I got these shoes, they quickly became my go-to shoes. Like I said earlier, now I am totally in love with them. They are so simple and timeless, they can go with just about everything. From tackling errands to heading to the meetings, picking up groceries or dining out with friends, these shoes keep me at the top of my game in style and comfort! Now I feel I was shallow to judge these shoes before. They turned out surprisingly amazing. With these fashionable shoes, I know they are good for my foot health and I can feel good about them for years to come.

All Day Fashion||Munro Beth Open Toe Pump Mules At

Photo credit: Grace Liang

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  1. I love flat shoes! I never got into high heels so I don’t really own any. I just love the comfort that flat shoes offer and the best part, it can still look dressy depending on the type we buy. Your Munro shoes look comfy and I love the peep toe detail as it adds a fun feminine flair to your feet. I can see it being worn with dresses and shorts and such. So not only is it cute but also versatile!

    Maureen |

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