Level Up Your Style ||Power Suits and Blazers
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Level Up Your Style ||Power Suits and Blazers

I don’t consider myself as a girly girl. Although I do love to dress up and doll up. I like to use my style to speak to the world about myself. Recent years, I have drawn into power suits and blazers.

Level Up Your Style ||Power Suits and Blazers

Below are a few ways that I have worn them.

Level Up Your Style ||Power Suits and Blazers

Blazer with denim for a casual chic look

How To Transition Summer Staple To Fall || White Tee+Denim Shorts In 3 Ways

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Life After Loss || Celebrating Life With The Whole World

Life After Loss---Embracing Changes and Recreating My New Life

Life After Loss Thanks For Raising Me Up

Life after loss the Mother's day

Life After Loss the First Birthday Without My Husband

Blazer with dress pants/shorts for a semi formal look

A Special Mother's Day || I Got My Mom Back

First The Pain, Then The Raising ||Living Life on Rapid

Blazer with leather leggings

2018 Detroit Auto Show Fashion Showcase ||Main Event 20

Blazer with skirt

2017 Fall/Winter Fashion Trend---Mad Plaid

Power Suits with shorts

Level Up Your Style ||Power Suits and Blazers

Power Suits with pants

Home Away From Home, Four Seasons Hotel In Houston

Life After Loss || The New Normal

See The World || What To Wear To Paris In Late March

See The Would---What To Wear To London In Late March

Shop Holiday Party Wear at Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi, Michigan

From Summer to Fall with Picadilly Canada

Power Suits with skirt

2017 Fall/Winter Fashion Trend---Mad Plaid

Cape blazer with pants

The Social Runway Fashion Show In Detroit Michigan

Do you love to wear a power suit or blazer? How do you like to wear them? Leave a comment below!

Level Up Your Style ||Power Suits and Blazers

Photo credit: Grace Liang

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