By now, it’s clear that creating great visual content is critical for everyone who wants to make a living on social media. Especially using Instagram to gain the social influence. Instagram has doubled its monthly active user base in the last two years, which means a lot more people are viewing and sharing photos in 2018. Plus, visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types. And what I have learned from this year, is video will be the future!

The Best Photo/Video Editor Apps I am Using Now

Ok, now I am done with the serious talk. It’s time to discover some fun apps that can make our life so much easy on creating compelling content on Instagram! And most important, is we will have fun doing it! 😉

1.Meitu Photo Editing App: Free

I have written about this App in What Tools And Apps I Use To Take and Edit Photos, you can read more for extra info about other tricks I use. Anyway, when I was in China for my month-long vacation early this year, all my friends were using this Meitu App. They were so surprised that I never used any App like this to edit my photos. They said I am not quilted to be a blogger since I didn’t even know it. Lol! Anyway, this is a super powerful App that literally can make everyone look perfect. I always dislike heavy touching up with my photos. The only thing I do is to lighten up the image if it is too dark. You can explore more to see the magic results. Anyway, I just wanted to show you one function that I really like, the Eraser. This can help you erase all the people or things that you don’t want in your photos. Recently I have used it a few times to erase the 3rd party brand logo for some sponsored posts. See examples below.

The original photo:

What Tools And Apps I Use To Take and Edit Photos

Erased all the people:

What To Buy During End of Winter Sale||Oversized Puffer Coats

2. A Color Story: Free

Named ‘Best New App’ and ‘App of the Day’ by Apple! Over 8 million installs and counting. This is the main App I use when I need to brighten up my photo, and video. Yes, you can brighten up video too! It has all the advanced editing tools which I was quite overwhelmed at first. I have never used any Apps or filters before, as you can imagine how foreign this type of apps was for me. Anyway, I slowly learned how to use the basic tools and I am very happy with the results. It has so many filters that you can use but I just don’t feel like using it. 😉 Overall, it is my favorite app to use when it comes to editing photos and videos.

3. Quik – GoPro Video Editor

With the Quik app, you can create awesome videos with just a few taps. Choose your favorite photos and video clips then let Quik work its magic. In seconds, it finds great moments, adds beautiful transitions and effects, and syncs everything to the beat of the music. I use this app all the time to make some fun Instagram story videos, sometimes I do for an in feed post as well. Below you can see a few videos I have made only by using this app. The best part is I don’t really need to do much, just simply choose what photos and videos clips I like to use and this app gives me many options to choose from. By the way, I paid to not have its logo on my videos. It is only a few dollars so it totally worth it.

4. Unfold – Create Stories:

I like to use this app to create fun Instagram stories. It gives me many Layouts & Templates to use. For example, I can put 4 videos on the same page with a very stylish template. You have to try it to see what I mean. By the way, it is free but it will not hurt to purchase some more cool templates for a very reasonable price 😉

5. InShot Video Editor Music, Cut

This is by far the best video editor app I’ve ever used. I’m a new vlogger and I get the most vlog-like videos using it. It allows me to speed up or slow down my videos, add filters/ adjust brightness, contrast, saturation etc, I can also add pictures to my videos and record voice clippings in the app. You can see below for some of the videos I have made by using this app. By the way, the music in this app is royalty free.

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In my last post I revealed my new anti-aging secrets from @neostrata, a dermatologist-developed brand. In fact, I had written that post about two weeks ago. So by today, I have been using NEOSTRATA for a little bit over a month. It is time to reveal the results. Watch this short video to see my skin before and after. You can also read more detailed review about those products on my Check out the link in my bio using promo code “GRACE” for an exclusive offer! Music: Youth Musician: @iksonofficial #colorandgrace #michiganinfluencer #fulltimeinfluencer #socialmediacoach #beautygoals #beauty #beautycounter #beautycare #beautysecret #beautytime #skincareroutine #Beautyblogger #beautyblog #beautyjunkie #beautytips #beautymakeup #beautygram #beautyguru #beautyhacks #beautylover #beautyproduct #beautyrountine #beautyreview #neostrata #sponsored

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6. CutStory for Instagram Stories

This is a very handy tool. Just import a long video, and CutStory will cut it up and save it in your smartphone’s camera roll as fragments of 15 seconds or any other length. How easy!

Ok, I am not expert on any of them and I only use very basic tools they offer. But I hope you find this post useful and discover so many cool ways to create fun and beautiful content easily!

Photo credit: Grace Liang/@melita_moda_

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  1. Funny how you are writing about editing photos. I don’t really edit my photos that much either. Just brightening up as well and making the image larger. But in some ways, I am thinking I need to learn other basic editing procedures. I was taking pictures of my son yesterday and I had gotten a few good shots but most were dark and the one that didn’t turn out dark was the one that ended up with shadows! I wasn’t sure how to edit so I left it alone. So as a goal this upcoming year I will learn new editing procedures and try some of the apps you listed. I hope you had a great weekend and wishing you a fabulous week ahead!

    Maureen |

  2. Those stats you started your post with are super interesting! Sadly, I can’t use a lot of these apps because I don’t have an IOS device, but they all look like great tools. Thanks for joining today’s Thursday Moda Linkup, Grace, and I hope you have a great rest of your day! Not to mention, I love your name. 😉

    Miles of smiles,

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