Since I have launched the Social Media Consulting business this past fall, I have worked with many small business owners or indivasilas who would like to take their social media influence to a higher level. During the last few months, some of them have already reached the steady growth of more than 1000 real followers each month. Some small business has seen more sales increase from Instagram, to make your business more efficent, you should check out the Together Platform. You can see one of my mentees, the small business @wellnessplease wrote this letter below! If you’re setting up an office for your business, take a look at these affordable printers.

Let Me Help You Grow Your Business || Enroll The Mentoring Program

While working with all of my mentees the last few months, I realized that I can teach them all the social media tricks that I have learned, but they can come up many reasons, or we may say excuses to not follow through. There is nothing can change unless their mindset shifts. So I have adjusted this mentoring program to help others better in this up coming new year!

Let Me Help You Grow Your Business || Enroll The Mentoring Program

It will still be a six-month program but I added the life coach and business coach contents. During the six-month period, we will either meet face to face or through video calling. We will meet once a month and it is one hour for each time. Except for our first meeting, it will be two hours to cover the basic mindset shifts and clean up your Instagram account. During this 6 months, I will need a lot of input from you, so I can develop a tailored personal and business growth plan just for you! It is all about figuring out who you are and finding your voice, so we can build everything from that being the foundation.

Let Me Help You Grow Your Business || Enroll The Mentoring Program

I will also give you homework to figure out your life purpose, to write a business plan or a life plan. I will be the person there every month to answer all your questions regarding personal and business growth and hold you accountable. I will brainstrom with you together to come up some fun ideas to grow your social media influence and your business.

Let Me Help You Grow Your Business || Enroll The Mentoring Program

Am I a know it all person? Absolutely not! I am still learning and I have a few mentors too! I set aside my busy schedule each week to learn from my mentors as well. I really appreciate the resources I have with my mentors and I believe that I can offer those to my mentees too! How good is it to have someone that listens to you and help you figure out the solutions of life and business, right?

Let Me Help You Grow Your Business || Enroll The Mentoring Program

Everything you wanted is just outside of your comfort zone! I am determined to be the best of me and I want you to have the best life that you always wanted too! For just $100 per hour, you got me as a social media consultant, a life coach, a business mentor and maybe a lifelong friend. Lol, that is a great deal! 🙂 Let’s create this exciting new life in this new year together! Email me at to get this journey started!

Let Me Help You Grow Your Business || Enroll The Mentoring Program

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