Sporty Chic Winter Street Style with Adidas
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Sporty Chic Winter Street Style with Adidas

Wondering how to put together a sporty chic winter look with adidas? Read on to find out. This post is partnered with adidas, but all the opinions are my own.

Sporty Chic Winter Street Style with Adidas

There is one trend that I grow to love so much since two years ago, it was the Sporty Chic looks. Being an over 40s petite woman, I am often finding myself drowning into the elegant and chic styles. Sporty looks just seemed too young or too casual for me at first. But after I have built the gym life into my normal daily routine, I noticed my point of view about the sporty style has changed.

The sporty style is just like every other trends out there, I can put my own personal spin on it and make it my own. What is my unique style? Glad you asked, of course it must invoice bold color and also look very chic! 😉

Sporty Chic Winter Street Style with Adidas

When I think about sporty looks, adidas seems always the first brand came to my mind. I do wear a lot of them and I guess that is why. You can read a few posts that I have mentioned about them. BEING ACTIVE AND EATING CLEAN || SUMMER HEALTHY GRILLED HONEY SALMON RECIPE, 2018 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE AND DEALS WITH ADIDAS, and END OF THE YEAR FITNESS REFLECTIONS AND REALISTIC NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS.

In the latest post when I shared my fitness result, the whole outfit was from adidas. I am not kidding with you, this pair of ESSENTIALS 3-STRIPES TIGHTS is so comfy! I have worn them to gym many times of course. Above on the workout function, I have worn them to put up my Christmas tree, celebrated my 4 years of blog anniversary, Cooked nice Chinese dinner on New Years Eve for my family and Took down the Christmas tree. Lol! I want to wear them every day!

End of the Year Fitness Reflections and Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

This pair of pants has became the most used ones this winter in my wardrobe. Other than super comfy, this pair of tights are also very classy. When I picked up this pair of tights, I already had a few options in mind that can go with it to create some chic winter street styles with what I already have in my wardrobe.

How to put together a Sporty Chic Winter Street Style with adidas?

Sporty Chic Winter Street Style with Adidas

1. Pick timeless key piece to start with

For this outfit, I started from this pair of tights, since they are black and white, that means I can wear them with just about everything. That is the beauty when you wear basic and classy piece, you can add on many of your personal staples to make it your own!

2. Only use 3 colors to keep it chic

Chic for me always means clean. That means not so many colors, prints, or accessories. Since I already have black and white, I just need to add one color to make it not so serious. In the middle of the deepest winter in Michigan, what color can be more cheerful than yellow, right? After decided on the color theme, it became very easy to pick the top, the coat and the hat.

Sporty Chic Winter Street Style with Adidas

3. Don’t over dress a sporty piece

People tend to go two totally opposite ways when they are wearing sporty piece. They either wear sporty, or casual pieces from head to toe or really dress up with all kinds of formal pieces. Balance is still the key. For example, my coat and hat are quite the statement pieces to dress up this look, so I wear a pair of cool flats to balance out the formal vibe.

Sporty Chic Winter Street Style with Adidas

4. Fit is the key for a petite frame

If you are a petite woman like me, make sure to stay away with oversized sporty pieces. They look really effortlessly chic on the tall and thin girls, but for us, they can be so overwhelming, our petite frame just disappeared in the clothing and we have no figures at all.

Sporty Chic Winter Street Style with Adidas

5. Showing some skin

Showing some skin, not just for being sexy, it is more for the balance of proposition for a petite person. I have mentioned many times if your top is quite covered, then reveal some skin in the bottom. Sometimes I wear a skirt or dress to show some legs. For this outfit, I wear no show socks to just have a little hint of skin showing.

Do you own any adidas pieces? Are you going to try to create your own Sporty Chic Winter Street Style with adidas?

Sporty Chic Winter Street Style with Adidas

Photo credit: Grace Liang

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