Spring Fashion || Yellow Over-sized Blazer
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Spring Fashion || Yellow Over-sized Blazer

While many places already have spring blossom, in our Michigan, we are still at the last few weeks of winter. But for sure spring is on its way! As a person who likes to plan ahead, it is time to think about spring fashion.

Spring Fashion || Yellow Over-sized Blazer

I have been blogging for four years now and every year I have been writing this topic. Trends truly comes and goes, but the bright spring colors are always the ones to stay. So today, let’s talk about the yellow over-sized blazer for spring of 2019!

Spring Fashion || Yellow Over-sized Blazer

Every year it seems like I’m falling in love with a different color. Last year it was dust pink. This year, yellow became my favorite color. Lol, what is your current favorite color?

Spring Fashion || Yellow Over-sized Blazer

I always love having a blazer for spring or fall. Normally I always go with a fitted blazer. But in recent years I started to appreciate those over-sized long blazers. In fact, I have to say I am more into long blazers that still fit. As a petite woman with a five foot frame, I know it is hard for me to look good in a true over-sized blazer.

Spring Fashion || Yellow Over-sized Blazer

For this look, I use a pair of cropped jeans to match the material of this yellow blazer. Since the blazer is quite long, the best way to keep the proportion right for a petite woman is to show some skin on the bottom. Pointy booties are a great way to make a petite woman looks taller too.

Spring Fashion || Yellow Over-sized Blazer

Now about the colors, I like the contrast between burgundy and yellow. I could use a red bag but it seems a little bit too busy for me. So I only used the scarf to echo the booties. Rest of the outfit, I kept with neutral colors.

Do you love yellow for spring? Are you a big fan of long blazers? Share with us below!

Spring Fashion || Yellow Over-sized Blazer

Photo credit: Grace Liang/Jada Grandy

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